Cereal Bar Energy Bar Granola Bar

Cereals Granola chocolate Oats Bar Production Line uses cereals, puffy balls, rice crispy, oat flakes, nuts and beans granules, ddehydrated fruit and vegetable dices and some combinations like syrup, maltose, jagary, honey etc, mixes them evenly and spreads them on the sheet, forms or cuts them into required shapes, like bar, round cake, cylinder, ball, bite-cube etc.

According to different ingredients and final shapes, the final products can be called different names in the market, such as cereal bars, oats bars, dates bar, protein bar, chewy bar, energy bar, sesame bites, peanut candy and so on.
We can customize the production working flow based on according to customer requirements. This equipment is characterized by simple operation, automation, easy maintenance, and large output.
World famould brand electrical parts, LG, FUJI, SCHNEIDER, OMRON. Baltur. ensure the machine performance.
Various heating source, electrical and natural gas, LPG, suit for different customer to save cost.
Machine full automatic, easy operate.
Whole machine use the stainless steel materials, ensure good safety.
Cereal Bar Energy Bar Granola Bar
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