Fortified Rice Instant Rice

The fortified rice kernel production line introducton as blow:
How does the extrusion technology to produce Fortified Rice Kernel(FRK)?
Dry rice flour is mixed with a premix of micronutrients, and water is added to this mixture. The mixture is passed through a twin-screw extruder with heating zones, which produces Fortified rice kernels similar in shape and size to rice. These Fortified rice kernels are dried, cooled, and packaged for use. Fortified rice has a shelf life of at least 12 months.

Same fortified rice kernel production line,we also can produce instant rice, self-heating rice by change the parameters. By adding Buckwheat, oat, sweet potato, potato, soy Nutrition, quinoa powder, dietary fiber powder,various grains powder to make high-fiber rice, low-fat rice and high-Nutrition rice, etc.
World famould brand electrical parts, LG, FUJI, SCHNEIDER, OMRON. Baltur. ensure the machine performance.
Various heating source, electrical and natural gas, LPG, suit for different customer to save cost.
Machine full automatic, easy operate.
Whole machine use the stainless steel materials, ensure good safety.
Edible Straw Environmental Friendly
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