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Single Pass Dryer/ CE Approved Commercial Used Food Dryer Machine

For our single pass dryer, we use many different product frying processes. Our machines support steam, electricity, gas, and diesel heating methods. Our drying and dehydrating systems gently remove moisture from products, without compromising the flavor that nature intended. From slices and chunks to paste and puree, we can help you make fresh-tasting snacks and relevant food. We can help you create consistently perfect product quality with mechanical performance you can rely on.

Product Description

The single pass dryer has independent air chamber and builts-in air circulation that can efficiency and energy-saving. It also has independent dehumidifier.The design of the upper heating box can prevent fire caused by dust accumulation.The module design is convenient to install and expand.Equipped with a cooling and dispersion system, preventing materials from sticking to each other.The machine adopts frequency conversion control. The drying time is adjustable.The insulation door is easy to open and clean, showing good sealing performance.It has heat-resistant silicone seals, display good sealing and insulation performance and strong durability.


Application Display

Single pass dryers are mainly used for puffs,cereals,seeds,nuts etc.This type of dryer can finish baking under high temperatures in a short time,which highly improves drying efficiency.It is equipped with a dual-stage gas burner to control temperature more precisely,and the drying time is adjusted by the inverter.


Product Advantages

  • Efficient and energy-saving.

  • Built-in air convection, accelerating drying.

  • Separate dehumidifier with high dehumidification speed.

  • The insulation door is easy to disassemble and clean.

  • Heat-resistant silicone seals, display good sealing and insulation performance and strong durability.

  • Frequency control. The drying time is adjustable.

  • The output can be increased by adding more modules.

  • Single-layer drying, decrease chances of breakage.


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