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Pet treats/pet biscuit/dog chews food machine line/dog treats/dog biscuit/dog food processing machine

Pet Treats Extruding Line can produce dog chew snacks and semi-moist pet food in various shapes and sizes. Also, double-color dog snacks and twist treats can be produced.
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Automatic Extruded Pet Chewing Snack Production Line can make dog chewing food of many different materials with scientific configuration and extrusion in the extruder, To produce innovative shapes of pet chewing food by extrusion technology, such as strip, stick, twist, bone, core-filled bar, and so on. By adjusting the formulations, Dog treats could strong teeth, and clean dog mouths, and teeth. the extruded treats provide protein, fat, vitamin, and nutrition for dogs prevents disease, and satisfy the dog nature hobby.


What is this Dog Treats Extrusion Machine Used for?

Pet Treats Extruder Line can produce pet-chewing snacks like strip shapes, stick shapes, twisted stick shapes, double colors, and multi colors core-filled snacks. Pets can absorb nutrition elements during enjoy chewing these delicious snacks.


Technical Parameters of Dog Chews Food Machine


Main Motor power


Feeding bin









Pet Chewing Equipment Configuration

Flow chart: Flour mixer-Screw conveyor-Single screw extruder-Twisiting machine-Cooling conveyor-Cutting Machine-Hoister-Cooling dryer.

The selection of dog chewing equipment should pay attention to the user's own formula requirements, and select the appropriate production configuration. When using a mixer for products with high fresh meat content and high viscosity, a low-speed mixer and a high-speed mixer can be used; The feeding machine can choose belt feeding machine and screw feeding machine; When the amount of raw powder added is high, secondary continuous pressing can be used, and the product made has better toughness, aging and plasticity.


Advantages-Pet Treats Process Line

1. Part of the equipment body and cover is stainless steel;

2. Products: pet dry food, low-temperature baked food, pet semi-moist food, meat noodles, canned pets, etc.;

3. Raw materials: The formula raw materials are widely applicable, including fresh meat and meat meal, soybean meal, protein powder, grain, fiber, other micronutrients, etc.;

4. The extrusion molding temperature is controllable and equipped with different cooling media, which can achieve the low-temperature extrusion required by the raw material;

5. By adjusting the formula and the design of the mold, it is possible to produce various shapes and different hardness particles, bars, flakes, etc.;

dog chews food machine

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