2D3D Snacks Pellets

2D 3D Snack Pellet Making Machine is a type of food extruder that can be used to create a wide variety of snack pellets. Snack Pellet Extruder Machine can process various raw materials, including starch-based grains and roots such as wheat flour and corn flour. The machine comes with different dies and accessories, which can be used to create different types of pellets, including 2D pellets in various shapes(screw, shell, net, animal, cartoons), sheet pellets, 3D pellets, and slanty tubes. 2D 3D Snack Pellet Machine can also be customized to meet customers' specific demands. Different extrusion solutions are available, including single screw, twin screw, and cooking+forming extrusion.
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Technical Parameters of 3D Pellet Snacks Process Line
Model Host power Output Model Host power Output
ETT65 Pellet Snacks Process Line 55KW 200-600kg/h FT75 Pellet Snacks Process Line 75KW 300-600kg/h
ETT78 Pellet Snacks Process Line 75KW/110KW 300-1000kg/h FT95 Pellet Snacks Process Line 200KW 600-1000kg/h
ETT98 Pellet Snacks Process Line 200KW/250KW 800-1800kg/h      
What is this 2D 3D Pellets snacks making machine Used for?
The 2D 3D Snack Pellet Making Machine can produce a wide variety of snack pellets, including classical face-cut 2D pellets in different shapes such as screws, shells, nets, animals, and cartoons, as well as sheet pellets, 3D pellets, and slanty tubes. These types of snack pellets are popular in the market because they offer a wide range of shapes, textures, and flavors. These products can be widely used in the food industry as a snack, and also can be used in other fields as well.
Professional Food Production Solutions 
The Professional 3D Pellet Extrusion Line is a high-capacity system designed for the large-scale production of 3D pellets. The machine can be customized to meet customers' specific needs, including adjusting the model and output to suit their requirements. The whole system typically comes with a central control system that allows for automatic operation, and real-time monitoring and can help with labor costs. This kind of central control system usually includes PLC, a Touch screen, sensors, and some other instruments which can control the production process and monitor the machine's performance and thus make sure it is stable and running, has high efficiency, and is low defective.
The 3D Pellet Extrusion Line is a type of snack food that is made using an extrusion process. The process involves mixing various ingredients such as grains, starch, and flavors, then heating and shaping them under high pressure using a special extruder machine. The resulting product is a pellet-shaped snack that can have a variety of textures and flavors. 3D Pellet Extrusion Lines typically include several pieces of equipment, such as a mixer, an extruder, and various shaping dies. The line's output, speed, and models are customizable to meet different production demands. The 3D Pellet Snacks Process Line can also be equipped with a central control system to automate and monitor the process.
Intelligent Double Screw Extruder
3D Pellet extruder machine is a specific type of food extruder that is designed with a large length-diameter ratio (32-64) which allows for multiple stages of liquid addition, this design helps to improve the shearing force on the materials and enhances the aging effect of the final products.
The 3D Pellet extruder machine is a well-designed and advanced production line for making Doritos-style tortilla chips and other similar 3D pellet snacks. The central control system on the machine allows for automated operation and real-time monitoring, which can help to improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, and increase production capacity, making the whole production process more stable, efficient, and scalable.
Advantages-Pellet Snacks Machine
Multi-solution for Extrusion for different demands, Single Screw Extruder, Double Screw Extruder, Cooking+Forming Extruder.
Wide-range Raw Materials Application: Most Grains flour like wheat flour, corn flour, rice flour, and other starch-containing grains or roots, such as potato starch, corn starch, cassava starch, tapioca starch, etc.
Rich Experience in the food snacks industry ensures the best cooking and puffing rate of pellet snacks.
Unique European Technology in Cooking and Forming Extrusion ensures higher capacity and the best cooking rate of snack pellets.
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