Breakfast Cornflakes Production Line
Pet Food Machine
Fortified Rice Kernel Production Line
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Relying on professional engineers and technicians innovative ability, the company has successively launched 
Breakfast Cereals Line, Nutrition Instant Rice/Noodles Line, Textured Soya Meat Line, wins high praise from 
customers both domestic and abroad.
Our Hot Equipment
Food Extruder
FT63-20D Double Screw
ExtruderFT63-20D Double Screw
Double Screw ExtruderFT63-20D
Flavor Coating Solution
This machine uses hoists to feed 
materials automatically, and 
hoists use food-grade raw
Industrial Dryer
Adopt hot air circulation bi-
directional cross flow method, 
equipping with moisture removing
Industrial Fryer
Fryer can use electricity, gas, 
diesel as power source and can 
be widely used to fry the snacks
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Customer factories
Factory area
Established in 2006, Jinan Arrow Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed into a domestic food machinery manufacturer with certain scale and strength. It has workshop 25000 square meters and 120 employees, serving more than 1000 customer factories, products are sold to 118 countries and regions. Machine quality is checked at all steps, the company has certificates such as CE, ISO9001, 18 practical patented technologies and 6 software copyrights. Adhering to the concept of "Excellent Quality, prominent Service, Faithful Attitude, Promise Fulfilled", the company has won honorary titles of "high-tech enterprise", "Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping Enterprise" and so on.
Why Arrow Machine
  • Choose Arrow, choose success
    With the Support of Our Own Independent R&D Innovation Center, we can design customized machinery and research unique snacks and food for customers to gain a wider market with high value.
  • Choose Arrow, choose the future
    Based on near to 20years experience, 25000square meters workshop and huge spare parts warehouse, We have the ability to provide you fast and satisfied after-sale service and support in long-terms.
  • From value to impact
    Excellent Quality, Prominent Service.
    Faithful Attitude, Promise Fulfilled.
  • Extrusion for A Better World with Arrow
    Better Food for Lives,
    Better Solution for Customers,
    Better Life for Arrow Staff.
    Exploration and Discovery

    Pre-gelatinized starch is a kind of physically modified starch that is pre-gelatinized and then quickly dried in cold water and can be swelled into a paste by water absorption, also known as α-starch. Compared with native starch, pregelatinized starch has the characteristics of being swollen into pa


    Jinan Arrow rice cracker production line is a twin-screw extrusion technology that replaces Hengchang's new technology such as traditional rice crackers. The production line integrates mixing, maturation, expansion, molding and integration, and does not require a boiler. The production process


    Kurkure/ Cheetos are kind of special extruded snacks, very crunchy and delicious in taste. They are made by a special extrusion process. The corn grits are moisturized by water in the flour mixer and fed to the Rotary Head Extruder. In the extruder, due to the rubbing of two rotary plates, the


    With development of economy, and family planning policy loose in China, baby-related business ushers in a golden age.Baby Instant nutrition porridge, as important complementary food, are quite important to baby health and nutrition supplement. The baby's intestines and stomach are still very delicat


    Bread crumbs are a widely used food additive for fried food surfaces, such as fried chicken, fish, seafood (shrimp), chicken legs, chicken wings, onion rings, etc. Its flavor is crispy and soft, delicious and nutritious.Jinan Arrow Machinery Co., Ltd.'s bread crumb production line is designed based

    At present, most dog food sold on the market is produced by extrusion. The extrusion process can make the starch in the food reach a suitable high level of gelatinization to enhance the pet's digestibility of starch.The fat content of dry puffed pet food varies from 6% to more than 25%. However, too


    Pet puffed food is one of the most common pet food on the market. It is extruded and dehydrated at high temperatures.The production of pet puffed food requires a pet extrusion production line. The production line consists of multiple parts. Depending on the output, the configuration is also differen


    Bread crumbs is a widely used food additive for fried food surfaces, such as: fried chicken, fish, seafood (shrimp), chicken legs, chicken wings, onion rings, etc. Its flavor is crispy and soft, delicious and nutritious.Jinan Arrow Machinery Co., Ltd. bread crumb production line is designed based on

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