How to choose a pet food extrusion machine?

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When choosing a pet food extrusion line, the following factors should be considered:

Production capacity: Choose a pet food extruder with suitable production capacity according to your production needs. If you are a small production enterprise, you can consider purchasing a small and medium pet food extruder; if you are a large production enterprise, you may need to purchase a large pet food extruder. Jinan arrow machinery has various types of pet food extrusion machine production lines, we can customize your products according to your output

Function: Choose the pet food extruder that meets your production needs. For example, if you need to produce pet food in various shapes and sizes, you may need a pet food extruder with various dies. In addition, if you want the pet food you produce to have high nutritional value, you may also need a pet food extruder with high-temperature sterilization function. Jinan arrow machinery has pet food extrusion production line, Pet treats extruding Line production line,  cold extrusion pet food production line,cold-pressed pet food production line etc., which can meet your various needs.


Brand: Choose a reputable brand to ensure that the pet food extruder you buy is of high quality. You can consult industry experts or check other user reviews online to learn about the performance and reliability of different brands of pet food extruders on the market.

Price: Choose a cost-effective pet food extruder according to your budget. Balancing extruder price and performance is important to ensure you get the best extruder for your needs.

After-sales service: Choose a brand with good after-sales service to ensure that you can get timely help for any problems you encounter during use. Jinan arrow machinery has a 24-hour online after-sales service system. Engineers Guide on Machinery Installation, Machinery Operation Training, Machinery Running Trial, Lifetime Troubleshooting Guide, Lifetime Troubleshooting Guide, Lifetime Cheap Spare Parts Supply. is your best choice.

Before purchasing a pet food extruder, you should research the different makes and models on the market and choose the one that fits your needs and budget.

For more information about pet food machine, please kindly send an inquiry, and sales manager will send you technical solutions right away.

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