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How to make commercial dog food? (puffing process)

Commercial granular dog food is the most commonly used pet food by pet lovers, but how is it produced? Is it safe for dogs to eat? This is a question that most pet lovers care about.

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How do you manufacture fortified rice?

Rice is a widely consumed staple food in China and other parts of the world. However, during the rice processing, most of the nutrients are lost. The need for fortified rice has been emphasized for many years, especially in poor and remote areas where people suffer from serious nutritional problems.

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How to choose a pet food extrusion machine?

When choosing a pet food extruder, the following factors should be considered:Production capacity: Choose a pet food extruder with suitable production capacity according to your production needs. If you are a small production enterprise, you can consider purchasing a small and medium pet food extrud

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How much do you know about baby rice powder?

Baby rice powder is based on the nutritional needs of different stages of infant growth and development, using high-quality rice as the main raw material, plus milk powder, egg yolk powder, soybean powder, vegetable oil, sucrose, etc., after crushing, grinding, high temperature sterilization and oth

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Amazing Twin-screw Puffing Technology---the main production process of nutritional rice noodles

With development of economy, and family planning policy loose in China, baby-related business ushers in a golden age.Baby Instant nutrition porridge, as important complementary food, are quite important to baby health and nutrition supplement. The baby's intestines and stomach are still very delicat

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what is Cheetos Extruder Machine?

Kurkure/ Cheetos are kind of special extruded snacks, very crunchy and delicious in taste. They are made by a special extrusion process. The corn grits are moisturized by water in the flour mixer and fed to the Rotary Head Extruder. In the extruder, due to the rubbing of two rotary plates, the

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Where did the all-purpose bread crumbs come from?---Bread Crumb Extrusion Line

Bread crumbs are a widely used food additive for fried food surfaces, such as fried chicken, fish, seafood (shrimp), chicken legs, chicken wings, onion rings, etc. Its flavor is crispy and soft, delicious and nutritious.Jinan Arrow Machinery Co., Ltd.'s bread crumb production line is designed based

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What is Aquatic Feed Extruder?what is fish feed extruder?

An aquaculture feed extruder is a machine used to manufacture feed for aquatic animals. It typically consists of an extrusion portion, a feeding portion, a mold portion, and a control system portion.The extrusion portion includes an extrusion shaft and a corresponding mold, which is used to compress

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Industrial Floating Fish Feed Extruder Machine

Industrial Floating fish feed extruder Machine is a professional aquatic feed production line, a professional production line for processing fish, shrimp, crab, and other aquatic animal feed. Widely used in aquaculture farms, fish feed factories, and other related industries.Jinan arrow machinery fl

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Introduction of Pet Food Extruder Machine

A pet food extruder is a machine used to make pet food. It works by applying high levels of heat and pressure to a mixture of raw materials, which may include various grains, meats, and additives. Jinan arrow machinery all use the most advanced twin-screw extruder, the mixture is fed into the extrud

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