How to make commercial dog food? (puffing process)

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Commercial granular dog food is the most commonly used pet food by pet lovers, but how is it produced? Is it safe for dogs to eat? This is a question that most pet lovers care about.

The production and processing of dog food refers to the use of various methods to shape various raw materials or a single raw material to meet the nutritional needs, palatability and digestion and absorption of pet dogs, and to maximize its potential nutritional value and The process of using value. As one of the categories of pet food, dog food has a wide range of processing, including pet snack food, snacks, tooth sticks, bones, nutritional supplements (powder), dry food, wet food, canned food, etc. In order to maximize the nutritional functionality, manufacturers will process different raw materials in different forms and degrees. Mainly introduce puffed dog food.

The processing of puffed dog food is basically divided into three categories: physical method, chemical method and microbial method. The physical method mainly refers to extruding, heating, pulverizing, and bonding the raw materials; the chemical method is to denature the starch, degrade the protein, etc.; the microbial method is to let the raw materials ferment. The earliest application of puffing technology to dog food production was in 1957, and Americans first used it in order to improve the digestion and utilization rate of dogs for food. Compared with traditional animal food, the biggest difference is that the extrusion process breaks through the inherent general flat die or ring die extrusion process, and as a special pet food dog food manufacturing method, it is designed into the production of dog food In the process, the dog food is formed into a pet food that can promote better absorption by pet dogs, has more scientific nutrition and correspondingly higher palatability.

A complete dog food production process includes several main links such as raw material receiving, initial cleaning, crushing, weighing, mixing, extruder pressing, spraying, and finished product weighing and packaging.

In the manufacturing process of dog food, the puffing process is one of the core parts. Dog food has a variety of raw materials and shapes. In order to save energy and increase production capacity, wet twin-screw extruder technology is more and more adopted by manufacturers.

The use of screw extrusion in the dog food process can be divided into two types, one is the dry puffing method, and the other is the wet puffing method. The dry puffing method only needs to add water directly before the raw material is puffed, and does not need to add steam, and the raw material is not pre-conditioned before entering the puffing chamber; the wet puffing method requires the raw material to be pre-conditioned before entering the puffing chamber. , through steam or water to increase the temperature, pre-cooking, tempering refers to the moist heat effect on the raw materials through steam, the starch in the raw materials is pre-gelatinized, the protein is denatured, and the raw materials are softened, so as to improve the puffing system of dog food grain effect and improve puffing quality.

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AYT series screw extruder is a pet food and aquatic feed extruder developed by our company based on 20 years of pet and aquatic feed processing equipment experience, combined with international advanced twin-screw extrusion technology. The equipment consists of four parts: feeding bin, feeder, conditioner and extruder. The mixed material enters the feeding bin, and the material in the feeding bin is uniformly and continuously fed into the dual-shaft differential speed conditioner through the feeder for conditioning. There is a steam inlet at the bottom of the conditioner, and a liquid addition port at the top of the conditioner, which can add necessary liquid to the conditioner. After the material is tempered in the conditioner for a period of time, it enters the extrusion chamber through the feeding port, and then is conveyed by the screw, compressed, stirred, sheared, etc., and the material is gradually matured or melted; in the mature area, through the action of pressure and temperature, The material is further matured, and the fat, protein, starch, etc. are changed, and finally extruded from the die mouth, and cut into shape by the cutting system.

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Because dog food has special requirements for shelf life, the water content of extruded pellets is generally required to be between 18% and 25%, so drying and dehydration must be carried out after extrusion to ensure the quality of dog food.

Our company specially designs high-efficiency cross-circulation dryer for pet food and aquatic feed. Its features are: energy-saving and high-efficiency, cross-circulation, independent air chamber, upper heating box, automatic slag removal, full-open insulation door, easy to clean and easy to install.

Our company Jinan Zhennuo Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development, production, sales, and application promotion of pet food and aquatic feed engineering projects. The products are sold to 118 countries and regions around the world, serving more than 1,000 companies around the world, and have a team with more than 20 years of industry experience , the company adheres to the tenet of "sincere and sincere, as promised" to serve customers.

Our company can provide different types of pet food and aquatic feed engineering solutions, and provide turnkey factory solutions of different scales with an output of 1-10 tons per hour according to customer requirements.

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