Arrow machine helps Diana build a business journey in Zambia, Africa

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Diana, a businesswoman from Zambia, Africa, reached out to us 10 years ago to start her own snack production business. After careful consideration and comparison, she ultimately decided to purchase a common standard LT70 puff sancks extrusion line from us, with a production capacity of 200-250kg.puff sancks extrusion line

Considering that Diana's product shape was relatively regular and she was just starting, we provided her with an economical and practical volumetric vertical packaging machine. To ensure her success, we sent experienced after-sales personnel to her factory to install and debug the equipment, provide formulas, and work with her to improve the production process multiple times. The products she produced quickly gained popularity in the market.puff sancks extruder

In light of the current state of child nutrition in Africa, particularly in Zambia where one in every two children is stunted, we suggested that Diana try producing high-protein nutritional porridge. Foreign brands are widely available in urban retail centers in Zambia but are often too expensive for low-income consumers and do not provide valuable micronutrients. Diana took our advice and introduced this product on a small scale, and it received a positive response.

Three years ago, Diana purchased an advanced European standard FT series Nutrition Powder Process Line, with an output of 400-500kg/h. As her business grew and her market developed, we began to consider the potential for early valley from the beginning of 2021. We continue to provide her with professional equipment and production recommendations, and a new contract is currently being established.Nutrition Powder Process Line

Our company is dedicated to providing comprehensive service and support to our clients, from pre-sale to after-sale, to ensure that they achieve their business goals and succeed in the market. We are glad to see that our service and support have helped Diana in her business journey.

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