Kurkure Cheetos Niknaks

Kurkure Cheetos and Nik Naks are all popular snack foods that are made using a food snacks extrusion process. In this process, corn grits are mixed with water to create a dough-like consistency, which is then fed through a snack extruder. The food snacks extruder applies pressure to the dough and forces it through a shaped die, which gives the snack its characteristic shape. The snack is then fried or baked to give it its crunchy texture and flavor. Once cooled, it is coated with a seasoning, such as cheese or spicy flavors, to give it its final flavor. Extruded snacks like Kurkure, Cheetos, and Nik Naks are popular because they are crunchy, tasty, and convenient to eat.
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Technical Parameters of Kurkure Cheetos Niknaks Extruder Line
Model Installed Power Power Consumption Output Size
LTTS-IF Kurkure Cheetos Nik naks Process Line 134KW 94KW 125-140kg/h 17000*1100*2500mm
LTTS-IIF Kurkure Cheetos Nik naks Process Line 136KW 95KW 200-230kg/h 17300*1200*2600mm
LTTS-IIF Kurkure Cheetos Nik naks Process Line 196KW 147KW 400-460kg/h 17300*1200*2600mm
LTTS-IBKurkure Cheetos Nik naks Process Line 74KW 52KW 125-140kg/h 16000*1100*2500mm
LTTS-IBKurkure Cheetos Nik naks Process Line 187KW 53KW 200-230kg/h 16300*1200*2600mm
Fried Kurkure/Cheetos/Niknaks Process Line
The Cheetos Kurkure Niknaks Corn Curls production line can produce the fried Kurkure/ Cheetos/ Nik Naks/ Corn Curls snacks or the baked Kurkure/ Cheetos/ Nik Naks/ Corn Curls snacks according to the client’s local market. The final snacks taste crispy and retain the taste and nutrients of the raw material. the process for making fried Kurkure, Cheetos, and Nik Naks is similar to the one described above. The dough made from corn grits is fed through an extruder, where it is shaped and cut into the desired length. The extruded snacks are then fried in oil to give them their characteristic crunchy texture. The frying process can be adjusted to achieve the desired level of crispiness and golden color. After frying, the Kurkure, Cheetos, and Nik Naks are cooled and seasoned with a variety of flavors such as cheese, spicy, or barbecue. A baked version is also possible by using the oven instead of the fryer, this change in the process makes the snack bit healthier, but the texture may change from super crunchy to crispy. The final products are packaged and shipped to stores for consumers to purchase. The process is automated and highly efficient, allowing for the mass production of these popular snacks.
Professional Food Production Solutions with 30+ Years of Extrusion Experience 
The professional Kurkure, Cheetos, and Nik Naks production line is a large-scale project that requires a significant investment. However, the investment can pay off in the long run due to the high demand for these popular snacks. The production line can be customized to meet the specific needs of the customer, such as the desired output capacity and the type of equipment required. Some of the key components of a Kurkure, Cheetos, and Nik Naks production line include a flour mixer, an extruder, a fryer, a seasoning machine, and a packaging machine.
The use of a central control system can greatly improve the efficiency and automation of the production process. The central control system can be used to monitor the various stages of the production process and make adjustments as needed. It can also be used to control the flow of raw materials and monitor the quality of the final product. This can help to ensure consistent product quality and reduce labor costs.
By using a professional Kurkure, Cheetos, and Nik Naks production line, customers can produce a large number of high-quality snacks quickly and efficiently. Additionally, it can help to reduce labor costs and increase productivity.
Advantages-Puff Snacks Machine
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High Capacity Range 125-1000kg/hour
Easy Operation and Full Automatic Process. Full Training for Installation and Operation.
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