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The Panko bread crumbs making machine uses a double screw extruder to produce crumbs, this method is advanced and changed the traditional crumb production technique which makes the whole production fully automatic and continuous. This can greatly save workshop space, labor, and production costs.
The Panko bread crumbs making machine can produce various sizes and shapes of bread crumbs, such as Japanese panko crumbs, American granular crumbs, and Chinese flake crumbs, etc. During the production process, there is less waste which also helps to reduce the production cost. Bread crumbs are widely used in the food processing industry as a supplementary material, such as coating meat steaks, chicken, and other foods to give them a crispy texture after frying.
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What is this bread crumb making machine Used for?
The bread crumb process line is a research and development based on international advanced technology. The resulting Extruded Bread Crumbs are light, and crispy, with innovative shapes such as small rings, crescents, small stars, balls, granules, etc. They are widely used as a food coating additive on the surface of fried foods like fried chicken, burger patty, seafood (shrimp, fish), onion ring, etc. to obtain a crispy and savory texture and an attractive golden color presentation. Bread crumbs are also a good source of dietary fiber, protein, and other nutrients and are popular among consumers because they are versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications. The panko bread crumbs made by the machine have good taste, a nice appearance, and longer shelf life, the resulting Panko bread crumbs are more attractive to consumers, as they are light and crispy, and are increasingly popular in various dishes.
The bread crumb process line can produce bread crumbs with a uniform texture, size, and color, which can help to improve the consistency and quality of the final product. The bread crumb process line also allows for flexibility in terms of the type of bread used, to obtain different tastes, and with the addition of other ingredients, can offer more versatility to the final product.
Technical Parameters of Bread Crumb Process Line
Model Installed Power Power Consumption Output Size
FT63 Bread Crumb Process Line 86KW 63KW 250-300kg/h 28300*2100*2800mm
FT75 Bread Crumb Process Line 186KW 139KW 300-500kg/h 33000*2100*2800mm
FT95 Bread Crumb Process Line 295KW 222KW 800-1000kg/h 31000*3500*4300mm
LT65 Bread Crumb Process Line 57.4KW 37KW 120-150kg/h 27800*2100*2800mm
LT70 Bread Crumb Process Line 68.4KW 45KW 200-250kg/h 28300*2100*2800mm
LT85 Bread Crumb Process Line 131KW 85KW 300-500kg/h 31000*2100*2800mm
Professional Food Production Solutions 
The professional bread crumb making machine is a large-scale project, typically used in commercial and industrial settings for producing large quantities of bread crumbs. The ability to customize the model and output to meet the specific needs of a customer is an important aspect of this type of machinery, as it allows the machine to be tailored to the specific requirements of the customer's production process. Additionally, incorporating a central control system can automate many aspects of the production process, making it more efficient and reducing the need for manual labor. This can lead to cost savings and improved product consistency. The central control system can also include real-time monitoring features, which can help identify and address any issues that arise during the production process, to ensure smooth and efficient operation.
The Panko bread crumb making machine uses double screw extruder technology to produce Panko crumbs, this allows for a more efficient and automated production process. The use of an extruder in this application allows for the bread to be processed into the large, flaky pieces that are characteristic of Panko bread crumbs. The double screw extruder is also a better option in this application as it allows control of the pressure, temperature, and other parameters to achieve the desired shape, size, and texture of the final product. A fully automatic and continuous Panko bread crumbs making machine uses sensors and a control system to monitor and adjust the process parameters, allowing the machine to run without interruption and minimize the need for manual labor, This can lead to cost savings and improved product consistency.
Intelligent Double Screw Extruder
The double screw extruder has a large length-diameter ratio, it allows for the materials to spend more time in the barrel of the extruder, which can lead to a greater degree of shearing and mixing, resulting in improved product quality. The multi-stage liquid addition positions can also be used to add liquids to the materials at different points in the process, which can help to improve the aging effect of the product.
New Double Screw Extruder Technology from Europe, The modular screws and multi-section barrels of this technology likely allow for greater flexibility in controlling the process parameters, such as temperature and pressure, which can lead to improved product quality, and more recipes to achieve different tastes and textures for the final crumb product.
Advantages-Bread Crumb Process Line
World famous brand electrical parts, LG, FUJI, SCHNEIDER, OMRON. Baltur. ensure the machine's performance.
New Double Screw Extruder Technology from Europe, ensures good cooking and fast production of crumbs. Unique Modular Screws and Multi-section barrels allow us to realize different recipes, different temperatures, and different pressure extrusion effects for different textures and taste crumbs.
Full Automatic and Continuous Working Process, Decreasing the production time, Saving Space, Labor, and Production Cost.
 Multi-function Machine, One bread crumbs making machine can produce Japanese panko crumbs, American granular crumbs, and also Chinese flake crumbs.
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