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4-Heads Octagonal Seasoning Machine/Multi-Function Peanut Flavoring Machine

The round barrel of the seasoning machine is designed with an octagonal shape, which avoids the disadvantages of the round ball mixing barrel not turning over the raw materials and uneven mixing. The powder mixer can realize the automatic mixing function, so it is also called the "drum-type food seasoning machine".

Product Description

The star anise seasoning machine is used to season various fried and non-fried foods, spraying powder and syrup evenly. The mixer is safe, sanitary and easy to clean. It adopts reduction motor and gear transmission, so that the fried food is not broken.

Automatic mixing, uniform mixing, easy operation, high output, stainless steel production, the speed and inclination of the drum can be adjusted, the amount of powder can also be controlled, and the food can be seasoned and mixed.

The food material to be processed can be fully mixed with the required seasoning in a short time, and the food material can be automatically tilted and sent out of the barrel. Achieve automatic mixing, automatic discharging, convenient cleaning and disinfection without dead ends.

The working principle of the octagonal seasoning machine: The material falls into the drum, is driven by the stirring blade to move upward, falls from above, and mixes with the seasoning powder. During the working process, seasonings are always kept in the dusting box, and if the seasonings are found to be insufficient, add them in time.

The structure of the octagonal seasoning machine: It is composed of the main parts such as the bracket, the drum, the drum transmission system, and the switchboard.


Application Display

Octagon coating machine comes with an octagonal drum. It is designed to mix various materials, and can be used for oil spraying,sugar coating and seasoning, etc. It is applicable for seasoning various food stuff during food production, such as puffed snacks, pellets, nuts, beans, and chips, and more. Eight square seasoning machine is especially designed for various fried food. If you need a flavoring equipment, please choose this one. Besides the single-head eight-seasoning machine, we also have 1-heads and 2-heads machines to meet different capacity and coating requirements.、


Product Advantages

  • Automatic discharging system, and easy to operate and maintain.

  • Made by fully stainless steel.

  • The machine can mix and season food evenly, with high output.

  • Automatic feeding, mixing and discharging are realized.

  • The frequency converter is adopted to achieve different speed requirements for starting, stirring and discharging.

  • The diameter and length of drum can be customized according to your needs.

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