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Air Flow Puffing Machine/Commercial Automatic Puffing Machine

The air flow puffing machine is suitable for a variety of materials, including rice, wheat, highland barley, corn, sorghum, buckwheat, beans and any starch-containing materials. Mainly used to produce puffed cereal foods such as rice cakes, wheat cakes, and coffee corn. The material puffed by this air flow puffer will not lose its nutrition, flavor, color, etc.
As a Chinese air flow extruder manufacturer with more than ten years of experience, we know how to provide high quality and competitively priced products to global customers. Our air flow puffing equipment can produce 50 kilograms of puffed food per hour and is easy to operate. In addition, we can also manufacture many other related food processing machinery, including puffed food machinery, food extruders and flour mixers, etc.

Product Description

Air flow puffer is a piece of equipment widely used in the food industry and other industrial fields.It is used to expand raw materials (usually grains,corn,rice,wheat,etc.) into puffed food through high-temperature and high-pressure airflow.Air flow puffing machines generally consist of puffing tanks,rotating devices,heating devices,safety devices,vibration reduction devices,frames,bases,etc.It is designed on the basis of traditional fire-heated puffing machine.Compared with traditional air flow puffing equipment,it is safer to operate and can reduce labor and energy consumption.

Here is some basic information about air flow extruders:

Working principle: The air flow puffing machine uses the mechanical effect of air flow and the thermal effect of high temperature and high pressure to process raw materials. Usually, raw materials are fed into the extruder through a feeding system, and then expand rapidly in a high-temperature and high-pressure environment, and then quickly release the pressure at the outlet, causing the raw materials to quickly expand into foamy food.

Food application: Air flow puffing machine is usually used to manufacture puffed cereal foods, such as puffed corn flakes, puffed rice cakes, puffed cereal breakfast foods, etc. It can also be used to produce puffed beans, nuts, pet food, etc.

Puffing effect control: By adjusting processing parameters, such as temperature, pressure, humidity, extrusion speed, etc., you can control the puffing effect, including the puffing degree, taste and color of the product.

Production capacity: Air flow extruders can usually handle large quantities of raw materials and are therefore suitable for large-scale production.

Diversity and customization: Manufacturers can add different ingredients and condiments according to market demand and consumer tastes to create puffed foods of various flavors.

Maintain nutritional value: The high temperature and high pressure processing of the air flow extruder can help kill microorganisms and bacteria, extend the shelf life of the product, and also help maintain the nutritional value of the raw materials.

High degree of automation: Modern air flow extruders usually have highly automated control systems that can monitor and adjust the production process to ensure product consistency and quality.

Energy Saving: Some air flow extruders are designed with energy-saving features to reduce energy consumption through efficient use of heat energy and control systems.

In short, air flow extruders play an important role in the food industry. They are able to convert raw materials into puffed food. They are highly controllable and customizable. They are suitable for mass production and can manufacture a variety of food products with different flavors and shapes. . These machines help meet the market demand and offer diverse puffed food options.


Application Display

Air flow puffing machines are suitable for many different types of food processing, especially those that require the raw materials to be puffed under high temperature and pressure. The following are some types of food suitable for air flow extruder processing:

Puffed cereals: This is probably one of the most common applications and includes puffed corn flakes, puffed rice cakes, puffed cereal, puffed cereal, etc. These foods are usually puffed, giving them a light mouthfeel and fluffy texture.

Puffed beans: Air flow puffing machine can also be used to manufacture puffed bean products, such as puffed peas, puffed peanuts, etc. These foods are often added as snacks or ingredients to other foods.

Puffed nuts: Similarly, some nuts such as almonds, peanuts and walnuts can also be air puffed to make puffed nuts for snacks or food ingredients.

Pet food: Air flow puffing technology can also be used to produce pet food, such as puffed dog food or cat food, to improve the taste and chewability of pet food.

Cereal Chunks and Cereal Bars: Some energy bars, breakfast bars and healthy snacks use air puffing technology to bind cereals, nuts and other ingredients together to form a solid chunk or bar-shaped product.

Baby food: Certain baby foods, such as baby rice cereal and baby millet porridge, may also be prepared by air puffing to ensure that the product is easy to digest and swallow.

Breakfast cereal mixes: Breakfast cereal mixes of various grains, nuts, dried fruits and other ingredients are often air-expanded to improve their taste and appearance.

It should be noted that the air flow extruder can be adjusted and customized according to the characteristics and process requirements of different foods. Therefore, they are very flexible in the food processing industry and are suitable for producing a variety of different types of food products, providing opportunities for diversity and innovation.


Product Advantages

  • Puffing effect: The air flow puffing machine can quickly puff the raw materials to make the food products fluffy, soft and taste good. This is the key to making puffed food.

  • Rapid production: The air flow extruder can efficiently process a large number of food products in a short period of time, improving production efficiency. It can produce about 50 kilograms per hour and 5-8 kilograms per batch, and can also reduce production costs.

  • Controllable shape and size: By adjusting the parameters of the air flow puffer, such as temperature, humidity and extrusion speed, the shape, size and puffing degree of the product can be precisely controlled to meet different market needs.

  • Retain nutritional value: The puffing process is usually completed in an instant, which can retain the nutrients in the raw materials to the greatest extent, while killing microorganisms and bacteria, extending the shelf life of the product.

  • Diversity and innovation: Air flow puffing machines can be used to manufacture various types of puffed foods for consumers to choose from, and also help to innovate new food products.

  • Adaptable to a variety of raw materials: These machines can handle a variety of raw materials, including grains, beans, nuts, dried fruits, etc., increasing processing flexibility.

  • Reduce waste: Through precise control and efficient production processes, air flow extruders can reduce the waste of raw materials and improve production efficiency.

  • Energy Saving: Modern air flow extruders are typically designed to be energy efficient, reducing energy consumption through efficient use of heat and control systems.

  • High degree of automation: These machines usually have highly automated control systems that can monitor and adjust the production process to ensure product consistency and quality.

  • Hygiene and Cleaning: Air flow extruders are generally easy to clean and maintain, helping to ensure hygienic standards for food products.

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