Amazing Twin-screw Puffing Technology---the main production process of nutritional rice noodles

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With the development of the economy, baby-related business ushers in a golden age.

Baby Instant nutrition porridge, as important complementary food, are quite important to baby health and nutrition supplement. The baby's intestines and stomach are still very delicate, so most mothers choose easy-to-digest and nutritious paste food.

The nutrition powder production line adopts twin-screw expansion technology and can provide solutions from 100kg / h to 2-3T / h. The main raw material of nutritional powder in China is rice flour; While abroad, especially in African countries, often add soybean flour in consideration of protein supplements.

Nutrition baby rice powder food machine process of nutrition powder:

Nutrition Powder Process Line

1. Mixer. Mix rice flour and other raw materials evenly. Water can be added to the powder mixer or directly injected into the barrel of the extruder machine.

2. Twin Screw Extruder. Evenly mixed raw materials enter the twin-screw extruder through a screw conveyor or other conveying equipment (vary according to production line capacity). The mixture of water and powder forms a "paste" in the barrel. The paste material has feeding, shearing, and cooking through the screw at an adjustable and controlled speed, and passes through the mold at the end. The pressure of the barrel is usually 3-6Mpa (depending on the puffing requirements), and the temperature can reach 150-200 ℃. The high pressure in the closed barrel has exceeded the saturated vapor pressure at the extrusion temperature, so the water will not evaporate quickly. When the material is instantaneously extruded from the mold hole of a certain shape, the pressure is released rapidly, the free water evaporates rapidly, the material expands, and water is lost rapidly from the material, product is quickly cooled to about 80 ℃ and solidified qualitatively.

The temperature inside the barrel can be accurately controlled, and each barrel has an independent heating and cooling system; The residence time of materials in the barrel can also be adjusted.


3. Dryer. The products extruded by the extruder are dried to remove extra water, to ensure the shelf time of the final product. The heating methods of the dryer are electricity, gas, diesel, and steam. Customers can select according to local actual conditions

4. Grinder. Grind the dried expanded particles into different mesh sizes, and the mesh range is 20-120 mesh. The nutritional powder is usually 60-80 mesh.

5. Secondary mixer. According to the market positioning and product requirements, different fruit powders, vegetable powders, and meat powders can be mixed to meet the baby's different months of age and nutritional needs.

6. Packaging machine. Screw metering packing machine, accurate metering, can pack independent small packages and family shared bags.

For more information about the nutrition powder baby rice powder process line please kindly send an inquiry, and the sales manager will send you technical solutions right away.


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