Arrow Millet Rice Crust Processing Technology

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Jinan Arrow rice cracker production line is a twin-screw extrusion technology that replaces Hengchang's new technology such as traditional rice crackers. The production line integrates mixing, maturation, expansion, molding and integration, and does not require a boiler. The production process is simplified, efficient, environmentally friendly and low-carbon. The raw material can be a single material such as rice flour, corn flour, flour, etc., or a mixture thereof. The rice croquettes produced are of various colors, crispy and not greasy.

Millet Rice Crust Processing Technology

1. Ingredients formula

(1) Main raw materials: millet 90kg, starch 10kg, milk powder 2kg.

(2) Seasoning

1 Seafood MSG 20%, Chinese pepper powder 2%, salt 78%.

2 Spicy taste 30% chili powder, 4% pepper, 3% monosodium glutamate, 13% five-spice powder, 50% refined salt.

3 Cumin flavor salt 60%, pepper powder 9%, cumin 28%, ginger powder 3%;

2. Process flow

Mixing of raw materials → stirring with water → puffing → cooling → cutting → frying → seasoning → weighing → packaging → finished product

3. Operating points

(1) Mixing of raw materials, adding water and stirring, first grind millet into powder, then add a certain proportion of water, and mix the powder in a mixer according to the formula.

(2) Puffing machine Before starting the machine, put some rice noodles with more moisture into the machine, and then start the machine, so that the wet material does not puff and can easily pass through the outlet. After the machine runs normally, put the mixed materials into the screw extruder for expansion. If the output is too bulky, it means that the amount of water added is small, and the output is soft, white, and inelastic. If the raw material does not puff, it means that the water content in the powder is high. It is required that the discharged material be in a semi-expanded state, be elastic, have the color of the cooked surface, and have uniform small holes.

(3) Cooling, cutting into sections

The puffed product is cut and cut into small pieces

(4) Frying. Continuous frying equipment or tipping fryer can be used. When the oil temperature is 130~140℃, put the cut semi-finished products, the thickness of the material is about 3cm. Due to the high temperature of the oil, it is white before being out of the pan, and turns yellow-white after a period of time.

(5) Seasoning, weighing, packaging

When the fried rice crust comes out of the pan, it will be seasoned evenly in an octagonal bucket. After weighing, packaging is the finished product.

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