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Automatic Batch Basket Fryer/ High Efficiency Deep Fryer Basket

The automatic batch basket fryer includes three parts: frying part, deoiling part and cooling part. It has a wide range of uses, such as puffed foods, puffed granules, dough foods, beans, nuts, fresh vegetables, onions, potato chips, banana chips, plantain chips, etc. We also provide auxiliary machinery or services, such as oil tanks, pumps, oil filters, pipelines and procedures, etc., which will help monitor oil levels, automatically supply oil, filter oil, thereby saving more production costs.

Product Description

The automatic batch basket fryer consists of a large frying tank with tilt function and a frying basket that can be rotated or turned over.The frying basket can automatically lift and lower to ensure smooth feeding.The automatic batch basket fryer is equipped with a heater or heating element that heats the frying oil either by gas, electricity or steam.It also has a control system for monitoring and regulating the temperature of the frying oil and the frying time.The oil temperature is adjustable from 0 to 400 degrees Celsius,and the difference between the set temperature and the actual temperature is ±2 degrees Celsius;there is a temperature detection probe in the oil tank and a temperature detection probe in the circulation pipe.The automatic batch basket fryer is also equipped with an oil storage tank and a circulating oil pump,which can adjust the deoiling time.The centrifugal deoiling device can remove grease on the surface of the food and can be recycled.

In use, food is placed in the fry basket, which is then rotated or turned over to immerse the food in preheated frying oil. The frying oil flows along the chute, so that the food is evenly fried in the oil. This ensures that the food is fried evenly, leaving it golden and crispy on the outside. When frying is complete, the basket can be tilted or rotated to allow the fried food to flow out of the oil and collect excess frying oil through the oil drain. During the whole frying process, the frying oil will be periodically filtered and circulated through the filter system to maintain the quality of the oil and prolong its service life.

Our automatic batch basket fryer has a compact and reasonable design, and is easy to operate and maintain. The whole machine is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, equipped with a high-efficiency and energy-saving combustion system, with reasonable distribution of heat sources, uniform heating of materials, low energy consumption and large output. In order to ensure hygienic standards and precise production, the steps of frying, deoiling and conveying are all controlled by computer. The control system is a PLC full touch screen, which is easy to operate. The equipment is also equipped with 1 set of filter screen, the filter screen density is 40 microns-60 microns, and we can provide 2 sets of filter screens for replacement. You can also choose fire extinguishing device and fine filter device according to your needs.


Application Display

The automatic batch basket fryer is composed of a frying system, an automatic lifting system, an automatic de-oiling system, and an automatic conveying and cooling system. It can automatically complete frying, mixing, de-oiling, and conveying. The frying machine can use electricity, gas, and diesel as power sources. The automatic batch basket fryer can fry a variety of foods, especially suitable for frying irregularly shaped and scattered foods. Here are some common foods that can be fried in a dump fryer:

Fried French fries and potato chips: The automatic batch basket fryer can fry the cut potato sticks or potato chips evenly to obtain crispy French fries and potato chips.

Chicken nuggets and wings: The automatic batch basket fryer can fry chicken nuggets, chicken wings and other poultry products until golden and crispy, making delicious fried chicken.

Dough food: The automatic batch basket fryer can fry various fried pasta, such as fried dumplings, wontons, etc., making them crispy on the outside and cooked on the inside.

Fish nuggets and fried shrimps: The automatic batch basket fryer is suitable for frying various seafood foods, such as fish nuggets, fish fillets, fried shrimps, etc., to make them crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

In addition, the automatic batch basket fryer can also be used to make various fried snacks, such as potato chips, banana chips, dried tofu, peanuts, nuts, etc.

It should be noted that the frying time, temperature and operating techniques of different foods may be different. According to the characteristics and requirements of the specific food, corresponding adjustments and controls should be made to obtain the best frying effect. In addition, when using the automatic batch basket fryer, pay attention to the periodic replacement and maintenance of the frying oil to ensure the quality and safety of the food.领动样品图

Product Advantages

  • It can fry irregularly shaped and scattered food, such as lump food, vegetables and fruits, etc.

  • During the frying process, the food can be evenly turned to make the frying more uniform and prevent the food from sticking together.

  • The design of the tipping bucket allows the food to fully contact with the frying oil, resulting in a better taste and appearance.

  • The automatic batch basket fryer is usually equipped with advanced control systems that can accurately control the frying oil temperature and frying time to ensure the quality and safety of food frying.

  • The machine is equipped with an automatic lifting device, which is convenient for cleaning inside the fryer.

  • Unique internal structure, using proprietary technology, features energy saving and fast heating.

  • It has the advantages of continuous production and saves labor.

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