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Automatic Continuous Fryer/ Easy Operation High Efficiency Continuous Frying System

The continuous frying machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving and continuous operation, and is suitable for the production of large batches of food. It can not only improve production efficiency, but also ensure the frying uniformity and quality stability of food. In addition, the continuous frying machine has adjustable operating parameters to adapt to the frying requirements of different types and shapes of food.

Product Description

Continuous frying machine is a special equipment for continuous frying food, which can use electricity, gas, diesel as power source. It consists of a frying system, an automatic lifting system, an automatic de-oiling system, an automatic conveying and cooling system, and can automatically complete frying, mixing, de-oiling, cooling and conveying.

Efficient, fast and adaptable, the deep-frying system delivers a crispy exterior with a soft interior texture for an enticing texture and taste. However, when using a frying system, attention needs to be paid to the periodic replacement and maintenance of the frying oil to ensure food quality and safety.

The automatic lifting system is used to convey materials, which has the advantages of improving work efficiency, reducing manual labor and enhancing work safety. Automated controls and customized designs can be adapted to different needs and space constraints.

The automatic conveying and cooling system is an equipment system for automatically conveying objects and cooling them. The automatic conveying and cooling system can realize efficient and continuous conveying and cooling treatment of objects, and improve production efficiency and quality stability.

The continuous fryer adopts button or PLC control to realize fully automatic work. Imported gas and diesel burners are used to ensure the best power consumption and higher efficiency. Manual and automatic control methods make the operation more flexible.

The interior of the fryer is all stainless steel reinforced structure, using double mesh belts (upper and lower layers with scrapers), hoisting by gantry crane, or screw hoisting, which can effectively reduce the upper space.


Application Display

Continuous frying machines are widely used in snack foods such as puffs, granules, beans, meat, fruits and vegetables, etc. Continuous frying machine is a common equipment for meat products. By putting meat such as chicken wings, fish pieces, etc. into a frying machine for frying, you can produce meat products that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The continuous frying machine can also be used to produce various fried pasta, such as fried dumplings, puffs, etc. Put the pre-made pasta into the frying machine and fry it to get crispy and delicious fried pasta. The continuous frying machine can also be used to fry various vegetables, such as French fries, potato chips, etc. Put the cut vegetables into the fryer and fry them to make crispy, tender and delicious fried vegetables. The continuous frying machine can also be used to make various snacks, snacks and pastries and other fried foods, such as fried nuts, fried squid rings, fried shrimp crackers, etc.

This frying equipment is designed with a unique device to prevent food from floating on the oil surface to ensure adequate frying. Users can equip single-layer or double-layer mesh according to the specific requirements of different products.


Product Advantages

  • Compact structure, simple and safe operation design.

  • Fully automatic production helps to save labor, thereby reducing production costs.

  • Stable performance and excellent quality.

  • Food-grade stainless steel, can automatically control the frying time and temperature according to the quality of snack food.

  • The body of our continuous fryer is made of food-grade stainless steel, ensuring high hygiene standards during production.

  • Automatic and precise oil temperature control and belt speed controlled by frequency converter ensure the stability of the frying process.

  • The lifting device makes the continuous fryer easy to clean.

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