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Automatic Weighing And Packaging Scale/ Full-Automatic Package Weight Scale

This series of electronic scales is a net weight electronic scale that adopts the latest technology. It is suitable for weighing, measuring and packaging of irregular materials such as melon seeds, peanuts, lotus seeds, and walnuts. This series of electronic scale feeding systems adopts multiple processing modes such as double vibrating door type discharging, large and small feeding and instant stop blanking, which effectively ensures the accuracy and speed of packaging.

Product Description

The automatic measuring and packaging scale is a device that integrates measuring and packaging functions. It combines the characteristics of an electronic scale and an automatic packaging machine, and can realize the functions of accurate measurement and automatic packaging. It usually consists of a scale body, measurement sensor, control system and packaging device.

The working principle of the automatic weighing and packaging scale is as follows:

Scale body: Automatic weighing and packaging scales usually have a platform or pallet for carrying items to be measured and packaged. The item is placed on the scale and its weight is measured using the scale.

Measuring sensor: The scale body is equipped with a high-precision measuring sensor to obtain the accurate value of the item by measuring the weight.

Control system: The automatic measuring and packaging scale is equipped with a control system, which is responsible for receiving and processing signals from the measuring sensor, and performing measuring and packaging operations according to preset parameters.

Packaging device: Depending on the required packaging method, the automatic weighing and packaging scale can be equipped with various packaging devices, such as automatic bagging device, automatic filling device, etc. The device can automatically open the bag or container according to the instructions of the control system, put the measured items into it, and automatically seal it.

Automatic measuring and packaging scales are widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, daily necessities and other industries, and can provide high-precision, high-efficiency and high-quality automated measurement and packaging solutions.


Application Display

Automatic weighing and packaging scales are suitable for various types and forms of products. Here are some examples of products suitable for automatic weighing packaging scales:

Food and beverages: grain, rice, flour, sugar, salt, coffee beans, tea, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, milk powder, condiments, juices, oils, etc.

Chemicals: fertilizers, pesticides, pigments, dyes, coatings, cosmetic raw materials, detergents, lubricants, chemicals, etc.

Pharmaceuticals: medicines, capsules, tablets, herbal medicines, health products, etc.

Daily necessities: washing powder, laundry detergent, dish soap, body wash, shampoo, soap, etc.

Powder and granular items: flour, powdered sugar, dry powder mixture, agricultural product seeds, feed, cosmetic powder, granular fertilizer, etc.

Small commodities: Screws, nuts, bolts, hardware accessories, electronic components and other small commodities used for counting and packaging.

It should be noted that automatic weighing and packaging scales may require appropriate parameter settings and adjustments between different products to ensure accurate measurement and packaging. Specific adjustments and settings will vary based on product characteristics, form and packaging requirements. Therefore, when choosing an automatic weighing packaging scale, it is best to choose one that is customized according to your product needs or choose a device that supports custom parameter settings.领动样品图

Product Advantages

  • High-precision measurement: The automatic measurement and packaging scale uses a high-precision measurement sensor to accurately measure the weight of items and ensure the accuracy and consistency of each package.

  • Automated operation: The equipment has an automated control system that can realize continuous operations of automatic feeding, metering and packaging, reducing manual intervention and improving production efficiency.

  • Multiple packaging methods: Automatic measuring and packaging scales can adapt to different packaging methods, such as bags, cans, bottles, etc. Packaging methods and container types can be adjusted as needed to provide flexible and diverse packaging solutions.

  • Adjustable parameters and user interface: Equipment is usually equipped with adjustable parameters and a user-friendly operating interface, such as a touch screen. Operators can flexibly adjust metering parameters, packaging speed and other settings according to specific product requirements and packaging needs to achieve personalized operations.

  • Efficiency and savings: Automatic measuring and packaging scales can improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs and packaging time. Its automated operation and high-precision metering functions can reduce scrap and packaging material waste, saving resources and costs.



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