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Combination Section Dryer/ CE Automatic Food Dryer Machine

These series of roasting oven are widely used for drying all kinds of snacks, such as corn flakes,corn chips etc. It is equipped with single layer chain conveyor belt, drying snacks completely quickly in high temperature.The uttermost temperature can be 300°C.Fuel can be electric, gas etc.

Product Description

The combination section dryer hot air circulation system,conveying system,air duct system, insulation system composition.Material conveying using 304 stainless steel design,to meet the production needs of food-grade requirements.Control system adopts a touch screen control,using PLC temperature control and double-stage fire burner, automatic temperature control system,to ensure the accuracy of temperature control and the quality of the product.The touch screen interface is configured with a monitoring interface that allows real-time monitoring of the machine operation.

The user may select a different type of dryer based on layer, length, or energy. The combination section dryer is extensively used for drying all types of sticks, pieces, grains, and other shapes of snack food.

The combination section dryer has a small, logical design and is simple to use. Double pitch roller chain driving, circulation drying, and balanced running are all used in the drive system, which never jams; Adjustable drying temperature and duration have a significant impact on drying; a high-efficiency fuel-saving system, acceptable heat distribution, and equal heating of all materials result in low energy usage and high production.

The material conveying adopts the vibrating material tray, and the material is always in the state of turning during the material transmission process, which can make the product evenly heated, evenly bake the material, and maintain a good roast flavor.Reduce the fat content of your product with our baking process and get unique,high-quality snacks thanks to our precise cutting technology .


Application Display

This type low temperature drying machine can use for many different product, such as puff snacks 、corn flakes and breakfast cereals etc.

Cornflakes, which are nutritious and convenient food, are produced by the cornflake production line. A prominent feature of cornflakes is that they are rich in complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber, such as vitamins and minerals. And they can also add cocoa and sugar, such as honey and maltose. They can be directly consumed after mixing with functional drinks such as coffee, milk, and yogurt.

Breakfast cereals are a kind of nutritional convenient food, using grist as basic material, with different shapes such as granule, flake, animal, etc. One outstanding characteristic of breakfast cereal is that it contains abundant compound carbohydrates and dietary fiber, strengthens lots of micro-elements, such as vitamins and minerals, and also can be added with cocoa and sugar, like honey and maltose.


Product Advantages

  • Food grade stainless steel mesh conveyor belt,free of damage to human body.

  • Drying temperature and time can be adjusted through the button on controller,excellent drying effect;Automatic alarm when Abnormal Operation.

  • World famous brand of electric parts,such as LG,FUJI,and Omron etc.

  • Insulated with aluminum silicate and stainless steel exterior cover.

  • Various heating types are available,such as electric,gas.For gas type, solenoid valves protect machine from overheating.



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