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Dough Snacks Process Line is a set of equipment and machinery used to create snack foods from the dough. The process involves mixing, shaping, cutting, and frying the dough, and also includes flavoring and packaging steps. Dough Snacks Chinchin process line uses wheat flour as the main material, mixes the dough, sheets the dough with compound rollers, and then forms the sheet into different shapes with the help of a roller cutter, like a pillow, diamond chips, zigzag chips, sticks, nankeen noodles, etc. After frying and flavoring, we can get crispy and savory snack chips.
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Technical Parameters of Dough Snacks Process Line
Model  Installed Power Power  Consumption Output Size
Fried Wheat Snacks Process Line(Electric Heating) 60KW 50KW 150-200kg/h 23000*1500*1800mm
Fried Wheat Snacks Process Line
(Gas Heating)
12L/H(Diesel) 8-12L/H(Diesel) 150-200kg/h 23000*1600*3300mm
What is this Dough Snacks Process Line Used for?
The Dough Snacks Chinchin process line forms the sheet of dough into different shapes using a roller cutter. Some of the shapes that can be produced include pillows, diamond chips, zigzag chips, sticks, and namkeen noodles. The roller cutter is specifically designed to cut the dough into different shapes, which is usually based on the type of snack that is being produced. The dough sheet is passed through the roller cutter, which cuts it into the desired shape before they are fried, flavored, and packaged.
Fully Automatic Dough Snacks Processing Line with Factory Price
The professional Dough Snacks Process Line is typically designed to be a large-scale project that can be customized to meet the specific needs of customers. This can include adjusting the model and output to match a customer's desired production capacity and snack types.
Advanced Dough Snacks Process Line can also be equipped with a central control system which allows for automatic operation, and real-time monitoring, and helps to reduce labor costs. The central control systems can control and monitor the production process, to ensure the production runs smoothly, and the quality of the final products is consistent. This advanced technology can be set up for the automatic start and stop, automatic cleaning, and automatic temperature control, which helps to improve efficiency, reduce labor costs and improve the accuracy of the process.
Dough Snacks Process Line typically includes a variety of equipment, which can include the following:
Mixer: This is used to combine the ingredients for the dough and knead it to the correct consistency.
Compound rollers: These are used to roll out the dough to the desired thickness.
Roller cutter: This machine is used to cut the dough into the desired shape.
Frying equipment: This can include fryers or oil boiling pans for frying the dough to the correct consistency.
Flavoring equipment: This can include equipment for applying seasonings or other flavorings to the finished snack.
Packaging equipment: This is used to package the finished snacks for distribution and sale.
One of the key features of Dough Snacks Process Line is that it allows for the efficient and consistent production of a variety of snack foods. Automation and standardized process ensure that the final products are consistent in quality, shape, and flavor. The line is also designed to be easily adjusted to produce different types of snacks as well as to scale up or down the production according to demand.
Advantages-Dough Snacks Machine
Our fried dough snacks machine design is compact and reasonable.
It does not have any parameters to set, product quality is controllable, very easy operation and maintenance.
international brand electronics parts ensure machine quality and excellent performance, like Siemens, FUJI, Delta, Schneider, etc.
Automatic and continuous process, saving labor costs and management charges.
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