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Five-layer Dryer/ Industrial Commercial Dryer Machine for Food

The five-layer dryer has a wide range of application. It can dry all shapes of puffing food, including strip, lump, granular materials etc, as well as other types of materials. We provide the different types with different layer, length, and heating mode.. You can choose according to your requirements of the application, capacity, moisture consumption, drying/baking temperature, and heating source.

Product Description

The five-layer dryer is used to make food,lumps,and rice grains,and different dryers can be selected according to the number of layers,length or power.The automatic snack dryer system is a system with automatic design,strong logic and simple operation.The drying temperature and time can be adjusted,and the drying effect is limited.There is a high-efficiency fuel-saving system,reasonable distribution of equipment,and the same precautions for equipment, low energy consumption and large output.The frequency converter can adjust the drying time according to the speed of the product.The speed of the belt is available for selection.Electric heating is heated by electrically heated heat pipes.


Application Display

The five-layer dryer has a wide range of application. Such as kurkure, cheetos, niknaks, puff snack, breakfast cereal, corn flakes, pet food, animal food and fish feed.

Breakfast cereals are a kind of nutritional convenient food, using grist as basic material, with different shapes such as granule, flake, animal, etc. One outstanding characteristic of breakfast cereal is that it contains abundant compound carbohydrates and dietary fiber, strengthens lots of micro-elements, such as vitamins and minerals, and also can be added with cocoa and sugar, like honey and maltose.

Fish feed, as the name suggests, is feed for fish. Its main components are protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Protein is an important nutrient for the survival of fish and shrimp, and an important component of the cells, tissues and organs of the body.


Product Advantages

  • The five-layer dryer is continuous running and easy to operation.

  • The five-layer dryer is driving with double pitch roller chain and heats materials circularly. It runs smoothly, never obstruction.

  • Roasting temperature and time can be adjusted, effect of roasting is perfect.

  • With high efficiency fuel saving system, reasonable heat distribution, material is heated equally, low energy but large output.

  • The five-layer dryer is designed with efficient energy saving system and heat distribution system, which ensures materials can be heated evenly at low energy consumption and high output operation conditions.

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