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Five-layers Ten Meter Dryer/ Good Performance Industrial Drying Equipment

The heat source of the dryer can be electricity, gas, steam and oil. The material is stainless steel 304.
The machine consists of the following components: drying system, heating system, control system and dehumidification system.

Product Description

The five-layers ten meter dryer is widely used for drying various sticks, flakes, granules, etc.

The automatic food dryer has compact design, clear logic, simple operation, adjustable drying temperature and time, and the drying effect is immediate.High fuel-saving system, reasonable heat distribution, uniform heating of materials, low energy consumption and large output.The inverter can adjust the drying time according to the speed of the product。Adjustable belt speed. Electric heating is heated by energizing the infrared heating tube.This is a handy kit for spraying lube on bearings. For using gas oil or petroleum as energy, we use international brand Baltur Spa burners, good quality and safe.

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Application Display

The five-layers ten meter dryer is used for grain drying, moisturizing and prolonging the storage time. The material of the dryer is all stainless steel 304. Its drying speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion, and the drying temperature can be adjusted.


Product Advantages

  • The transmission speed of the mesh belt is adjustable, and it is equipped with an accurate and reliable temperature control device for easy adjustment.

  • Double-pitch roller chain and sprocket transmission, no dead point, stable operation.

  • The bottom of the oven is a movable drawer, which is convenient for the cleaning of residual materials and prevents fire.

  • Suitable for drying non-fried puffed food, nutrition powder, bread crumbs, pet food, tissue protein, etc.


  • Total power:0.75kW(circulation fan)×4+0.11kW+1.1kW(drive motor)+2.2kW(air supply fan)=6.21kW

  • Dimension:10800x2100x2600mm

  • Drying time:50min-120min

  • Vibration width:1200mm

  • Heating temperature:60-70℃

    0.7-1.6cm(at the bulk density of 700kg/m³)

  • Capacity:600kg fortified rice (adding a fluidized bed), 300kg pellet

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