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High Temperature Baking Machine/ High Quality Requirement Food Dryer

The high temperature baking machine can process many different products, such as cornflakes, baking puff snacks, free-oil puff snacks, pellet snack baking types, and other high temperature free-oil food.
The material is always turning during the material transmission process thanks to the vibrating material tray that is used for material conveyance. This allows for uniform heating and baking of the material as well as the preservation of the roast flavor.

Product Description

During the operation, the material vibrates up and down, which ensures the uniform contact between the hot air and the surface of the material, improves the efficiency of the hot air, reduces energy consumption, and the air flow can be recirculated to improve energy efficiency. Processing time can be shortened by 50% or more compared with ordinary systems.

The control system adopts touch screen control, uses PLC temperature control and double-stage fire burner, and automatic temperature control system. The accuracy of temperature control is guaranteed, and the quality of products is stabilized. The touch screen interface is equipped with a monitoring interface, which can monitor the operation of the machine in real time.

Built-in hundreds of small air ducts directly impact the surface of the material with hot air. The impact technology is to use high-speed air perpendicular to the surface of the product to produce "impact" on the surface of the  product. The purpose is to break the hot air boundary layer on the surface of the product and Generates turbulence at the surface of the product, thereby increasing the rate of heat and mass transfer. Compared to traditional convection and through-flow airflow, the impingement heating transfer rate is usually 2.5 times to 3 times. The impingement technology is most suitable for high surface area to volume ratio. Products.The large area of the product is good for heat conduction, and the minimum thickness is good for heat dissipation and moisture removal. We also provide a variety of steel mesh belt, continuous belt and hinged plate conveyor belt equipment.


Application Display

The high temperature baking machine is suitable for food such as corn flakes,puffing snacks and pellet.

The material conveying adopts the vibrating material tray, and the material is always in the state of turning during the material transmission process, which can make the product evenly heated, evenly bake the material, and maintain a good roast flavor. According to the characteristics of the material, different specifications and models of through-flow ovens can be selected. Using a double-stage burner, natural gas and liquefied natural gas can be used as raw materials.


Product Advantages

  • Convey materials with a vibratory feeder. The materials stay in the flip state during conveying process, so as to ensure that the materials are baked with uniform heat and maintain a good baking flavor.

  • Double-stage fire, powerful temperature control.

  • The insulation door is easy to open and clean, showing good sealing performance.

  • Air circulation is efficient and energy-saving.


  • Function: high temperature baking, high temperature puffing

  • Application products: high temperature baking products

  • Burner model: BTG28P (0.18kw fan, air consumption 8-28m³/h) × 2

  • Total power: 30 (total fan power) + 5.5 (transmission motor) = 35.5kw

  • Dimensions: 7000×5000×4100

  • Drying time: 50s

  • Vibration bucket width: 600

  • Material layer thickness: single layer arrangement

  • Working temperature: around 200°C

  • Capacity: 300-400kg

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