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Horizontal Type Packing Machine/ China Made Pillow Packaging Machine

Our pillow packaging machine can complete the entire process of automatic feeding, measuring, filling and bag making, date printing, inflation (exhaust), and finished product output. It has a variety of models: GQX-350 bottom paper feeding pillow packaging machine, GQ-450 high-speed pillow packaging machine, GQ-590 automatic heat shrink packaging machine, GQ-350 high-speed pillow packaging machine. This packaging machine has high measurement accuracy, high packaging efficiency, humanized design and easy operation.

Product Description

Pillow packaging machine is a kind of mechanical equipment used to package food, medicine, daily necessities and other items. Its name comes from the "pillow" shape of its working principle. These machines use flexible packaging materials, such as plastic film, to wrap items into a pillow-like shape.

  • Bottom-feeding pillow packaging machine: The bottom-feeding pillow packaging machine is a special type of pillow packaging machine that uses paper packaging materials instead of traditional plastic films. This kind of packaging machine is mainly used for packaging bread, pastries, cakes and other foods, as well as other products suitable for paper packaging.

The working principle of the bottom-feeding pillow packaging machine is similar to that of the traditional pillow packaging machine. The specific steps are as follows:

  1. Paper supply: The paper on the paper roll or reel is fed to the unfolding device of the packaging machine.

  2. Packaging formation: After the paper passes through the unfolding device, it is folded and formed into an open tubular structure, similar to a pillow packaging machine.

  3. Item supply: The items to be packed are input to a location in the tubular structure through the supply system. These items can be foods such as bread, pastries, cakes, or other products suitable for paper packaging.

  4. Sealing and cutting: The items in the tubular structure are then sealed and cut to form a series of independent paper packaging bags. Sealing is usually achieved by applying heat or pressure.

  5. Discharge: After sealing and cutting, the paper packaging bag is discharged from the discharge port of the packaging machine. Bags can be dropped directly into straps, boxes or other forms of outer packaging.

The bottom-feeding pillow packaging machine has the advantages of environmental protection, visibility, and recyclability, and can provide environmentally friendly, high-quality and visible packaging solutions for products.

High-speed pillow packaging machine: It is a mechanical equipment that can perform packaging operations at a high speed. It is an upgraded version of the pillow packaging machine, designed to meet the needs of high-capacity production lines.

  • High-speed pillow packaging machines usually have the following characteristics:

  1. Fast packaging speed: Compared with traditional pillow packaging machines, high-speed pillow packaging machines have higher packaging speeds and can perform packaging operations quickly. It achieves higher production efficiency through improved mechanical structure and control system.

  2. High-precision positioning system: In order to adapt to high-speed operation, the high-speed pillow packaging machine is equipped with a precise positioning system, which can accurately position packaging materials and items to be packaged, ensuring the accuracy and stability of sealing, cutting and other operations.

  3. Automation functions: High-speed pillow packaging machines are usually equipped with advanced automation functions, such as automatic supply, automatic sealing, automatic cutting, etc., which reduce operator intervention and improve packaging efficiency and consistency.

  4. Adjustable packaging parameters: The high-speed pillow packaging machine has adjustable packaging parameters and can flexibly adapt to products of different sizes, shapes and packaging requirements.

  5. Reliability and durability: Due to the requirements of high-speed operation, the design and manufacture of high-speed pillow packaging machines pay more attention to reliability and durability. The optimized mechanical structure and stable control system ensure long-term stable operation.

It can meet the requirements of mass production and improve packaging efficiency and product quality.

  • Automatic heat shrink packaging machine: It is a mechanical equipment used to package products and make the packaging tightly fit through heat shrinkage. It is suitable for products of various shapes and sizes, such as food, beverages, daily necessities, cosmetics and industrial products, etc.

The working principle of the automatic heat shrink packaging machine is as follows:

  1. Supply system: The products to be packaged are input into the packaging machine through the supply system. This can be a conveyor belt, conveyor line, or other device that adjusts and positions the product.

  2. Packaging material supply: Heat shrink packaging machine uses heat shrink film or heat shrink bag as packaging material. These packaging materials are usually supplied from rolls or reels and are expanded by an unwinding device.

  3. Sealing and cutting system: Once the product enters the packaging machine, the heat shrink film or heat shrink bag will be cut and sealed by the sealing and cutting system according to the product size and required length.

  4. Heat shrinkage: After sealing and cutting, the product passes through a conveyor belt running in a continuous oven or heat shrinkage chamber. During the heat shrink process, the high-temperature heat conduction in the oven or cavity heats the packaging material around the product, causing the packaging material to shrink and fit tightly with the product.

  5. Cooling and fixing: After the heat shrink packaging materials are attached to the product, they will be cooled and fixed through the cooling system to ensure the stability and integrity of the packaging.

The automatic heat shrink packaging machine has the advantages of high efficiency, good protection, improved product display, and reduced packaging material consumption.

Our pillow packaging machine can automatically complete automatic bag making, wrapping, sealing and cutting of cylindrical roll film. Suitable for continuous packaging of fixed-shaped items. This machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and is controlled by programmable controller PLC. Automatic output counting, automatic display of bag length and packaging speed, automatic temperature PID control, and automatic photoelectric tracking control. It has advanced technologies and safety devices such as overload protection, leakage protection, and fault alarm.

The equipment has compact structure, simple operation, reliable operation, high packaging speed, stable packaging quality, and smooth and beautiful packaging appearance.

Suitable for individual packaging, block and strip regular material packaging.


Application Display

Pillow packaging machines can package various regular-shaped objects, such as biscuits, bread, egg rolls, instant noodles, moon cakes, medicines, hardware products, industrial parts, cartons, plates, etc. The packaging machine adopts dual frequency converter control, and the bag length cutting is flexible. The operator does not need to adjust the unloading work, saving time and film. It also has the characteristics of reasonable structure, stable working performance, PLC computer control, easy operation, fault self-diagnosis function, clear fault display, high-sensitivity photoelectric color mark tracking, digital input cut-off position, etc. It can make sealing and cutting more accurate, positioning the stop function, not sticking the knife, and not wasting film. The packaging machine adopts independent PID temperature control and is suitable for various packaging materials.领动样品图

Product Advantages

  • High efficiency: The pillow packaging machine can complete the packaging of items at a high speed and maintain the efficient operation of the production line.

  • Space-saving: This kind of packaging machine is usually compact in design, takes up less space, and is suitable for use in limited production sites.

  • Flexibility: The pillow packaging machine can adapt to product packaging of different sizes and shapes and has a certain degree of flexibility.

  • Fresh-keeping performance: Using appropriate packaging materials, pillow packaging machines can provide good sealing and fresh-keeping properties, extending the shelf life of the product.



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