How much do you know about puffed food

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Puffed food is a new type of food developed internationally in recent years. It uses grains, beans, potatoes, vegetables, etc. as raw materials, and is processed by puffing equipment to produce a wide variety of food with exquisite appearance, rich nutrition, crispy and delicious food. Therefore, a large category of food has been uniquely formed. Due to the simple structure, easy operation, low investment in equipment and quick returns, the equipment for producing this puffed food has developed very rapidly and has shown great vitality.

According to the different types of products, puffed food can be divided into three categories:

1. Puffed food produced from corn and potatoes.

2. Use vegetable protein as raw material to produce tissue-like protein food.

3. Using grains, beans or potatoes as raw materials, it is made into staple food after puffing.

Although puffing technology belongs to physical processing technology, it has its own characteristics. Puffing can not only change the shape and state of the raw material, but also change the molecular structure and properties of the raw material, and form some new substances.

The principle of producing puffed food: When the grain is placed in the extruder, with the heating and pressurization, the water in the grain is overheated, and the grain itself becomes soft. When a certain high pressure is reached, the extruder is opened. When it is covered, the high pressure quickly becomes normal pressure. At this time, the superheated water in the grain will be vaporized in an instant and a strong explosion will occur. The water molecules can expand about 2,000 times. The huge expansion pressure not only destroys the grain It also breaks the internal molecular structure of the grain, and shortens the insoluble long-chain starch into water-soluble short-chain starch, dextrin and sugar, so the insoluble substances in the puffed food are reduced and the water-soluble substances are increased.

Advantages of using extrusion technology to produce puffed food

1. High preservation rate and digestibility of nutrients

The protein-rich plant raw materials are extruded and expanded at high temperature and a short time, the protein is completely denatured, and the tissue structure becomes porous, which is conducive to the contact with human digestive enzymes, so as to improve the utilization rate and digestibility of the protein; the product is not easy to produce Rebirth phenomenon. In the process of preservation of cereal food, retrogradation is a common problem. Due to retrogradation, the taste of the product becomes rough and the digestibility is greatly reduced.

2. Endow the product with better nutritional value and functional properties

When using extrusion technology to process grain-based food, additives such as amino acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, food colorings and flavors can be evenly distributed in the extrudate and irreversibly combined with the extrudate. Can achieve the purpose of fortified food. Since extrusion and puffing are operated at a high temperature instantaneously, the loss of nutrients is small.

3, easy to eat, a wide variety

Adding different auxiliary materials to raw materials such as grains, beans, potatoes or vegetables, and then extruding and puffing can produce a wide variety of puffed foods with rich nutrition; since the puffed foods have become cooked foods, most of them are Ready-to-eat food (can be eaten after opening the package), which is easy to eat and saves time, is a kind of convenient food with great prospects for development.

Things to keep in mind when buying puffed food:

1. Choose a brand. The brand-name products produced by well-known enterprises sold in large shopping malls and supermarkets are preferred.

2. Look at the logo. Buy prepackaged products and pay attention to the product label. When purchasing, pay special attention to the production date of the product, and choose the product within the shelf life, preferably the product that has just been produced.

3. Most puffed foods are filled with inert gas in the packaging bag to prevent oil oxidation and rancidity. If the packaging is found to be deflated, consumers should not buy it.

4. You should try to choose to buy puffed food in sealed packaging, because the quality of packaged puffed food is generally good, and the puffed food sold in bulk is likely to cause rancidity and exceed hygienic indicators due to exposure to the air.

The puffed food production line of Jinan Arrow Machinery Co., Ltd. integrates mixing, curing, puffing and forming, and does not require a boiler. The production process is simplified, efficient, environmentally friendly and low-carbon. The food produced by this production line has a variety of colors, crisp but not greasy taste, and is deeply loved by everyone.

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