Introduction for Hot sale Extruder snacks production line

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1. Core filling puffed snacks production line

The production line uses corn flour, rice flour, wheat flour, etc. as the main raw materials.

The double screw extruder make the hollow rolls and cakes, the filling machine injects fillings of different flavors such as cream, chocolate, and peanut butter into it to achieve Co-extrusion gives the puffed food a richer taste;

The extruded wraps can be rolled or cut straight, and can be sealed or open; feeding, extrusion, filling, molding, Baking and spraying are produced on an assembly line; molds and forming machines can be changed to produce soy sauce cakes, andchanging mould to produce puffed snack foods of various shapes.

2. Breakfast cereal snacks and corn flakes production line

This production line uses corn flour, wheat flour, oat flour and other grains as raw materials, the corn ball pellet  is extruded bydouble screw extruder, and then is pressed, baked, sprayed and other processes can be made into cereal flakes and cereal rings. Various shapes and flavors of crispy instant breakfast cereals;

The scientific production process can keep the nutrients in the grains intact; the optimization of the entire assembly line configuration and precise control of the production process enable you to produce nutritious and delicious breakfast cereal corn flakes while improving efficiency, reducing costs, and improving market competitiveness.

3. Self-heating rice / instant rice / fortified rice production line

The production line uses rice flour, corn flour, buckwheat flour, purple potato flour, etc. as the main raw materials to produce instant steamed rice (such as self-heated rice/instant rice) and instant  brewed rice; Add protein, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber and other nutrients and functional ingredients to produce nutritionally fortified rice;

The mixed powder is extruded and granulated by  twin screw extruder, then dried and cooled at low temperature to make a variety of The shape and taste of instant rice products; this processing technology not only retains the original ingredients of ordinary rice, but also supplements and strengthens the nutrients necessary for human health; it can also produce coarse grains to produce multi-grain rice.

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