Introduction of Meal Replacement Food Production Line

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The emergence of "meal replacement" is an emerging product in the process of exploring "future food". The concept of meal replacement first originated in Western countries. Thanks to the development of Western industrialization, the food industry is also developing rapidly. Some of the earliest lipid-lowering and hypoglycemic foods such as compressed biscuits can be said to be the prototype of meal replacements. During this period, people have realized the importance of a healthy diet, and began to try to develop some low-fat, low-sugar foods to replace high-fat, high-calorie diets.

Because meal replacements replace part or all of meals, in a broad sense, any food that can replace part or all of meals can be called meal replacements. Speaking of dinner, people's diet structure is also very different due to different regions and ethnic groups. Jinan Arrow Machinery Co., Ltd. has launched a production line of fast food products such as meal replacement powder and breakfast cereals, which has solved the current consumer demand for meal replacement products, and at the same time meets the needs of delicious, fast, and easy-to-carry products.

Arrow Meal Replacement Powder Production Line

The production line uses various grains such as rice, corn, beans, etc. as raw materials. After extrusion, drying, crushing and mixing, it can produce various nutritional powders, such as baby rice flour, sesame paste and soybean flour. The production line is automatically completed from the start of feeding, the operation is simple, there is no dust leakage, and it is hygienic and energy-saving. It can be easily matched with various raw materials and nutrients.

Corn flakes, breakfast cereal production line

The breakfast cereal is made of corn, wheat, oats and other multiple grains as raw materials, and is matured and formed by a twin-screw extruder. The product is crispy and has high nutritional value, suitable for people of all ages.

In addition to the above common meal replacement and fast food products, Arrow adopts high-standard equipment, and also has a production line for infant meal replacement food such as baby puffs.

Baby puff production line

The production line is completely food-grade design, and the screw of the puffing extruder is made of 440C material, which fully meets the food production safety standards for infant food production.

Meal replacements in a broad sense are not limited to meal replacements for weight loss. Any functional food that replaces part or all of the main meal can be counted as meal replacements. In recent years, thanks to the global trend of losing weight, the concept of meal replacement has also been carried forward.

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