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Low Temperature Air Circulation Drying Machine/ Cost-effective Freeze Dryer Machine for Food

This kind of dryer is a low temperature dryer, which is mainly suitable for products that need to be dried at a lower temperature and longer drying time, such as fortified rice, nutrition rice, pellets food, pet food, dog and cat food, fish feed and etc.

Product Description

The low temperature air circulation drying machine with high drying efficiency and energy saving: effectively solve the problem of maturation and drying of extruded aquatic feed and general pellet feed or food,the pellets achieve ideal water resistance and improve the appearance quality of pellets;internal circulation hot air system, low energy consumption and cost Small and reliable.

The machine adopts cross circulation and side blowing,which has high drying efficiency and good heat

preservation performance.It has an independent dehumidification fan, and the dehumidification speed is fast.The box-type heat preservation door is easy to open, easy to clean,and has good sealing performance.The machine is equipped with high temperature resistant silicone sealing strip,which has good airtight heat preservation performance and strong anti-aging ability.Moreover, it adopts frequency conversion control, and the drying conveying speed and time are adjustable.The output can be increased according to the output.The upper heating box, steam heating, safe and reliable, the upper heating box, to avoid dust accumulation and cause fire.Equipped with automatic cleaning device, centralized collection of slag, easy to clean.


Application Display

The dryer is mainly suitable for drying textured soybean protein, aquatic feed and pet food.

Aquatic feed made by superior technology contains high protein, nutritional, and mineral elements, shaped in floating, and sinking for various types of freshwater and Marine fish, also workable for shrimp, and crab, the ideal choice for feed manufacture plants.

Pet Food Production Line mainly uses meat meal, fish meal, bone powder, corn powder, soya meal, and other grains powder as the main materials to produce innovative shapes, high nutritional and savory taste pet food for dogs, cats, fox, bird, etc. Extrusion is a commonly used method for producing pet food because it allows for a high degree of control over the final product, and it can be used to create a wide range of textures and shapes.


Product Advantages

  • External air circulation, high thermal efficiency.2.Top heating box.

  • The gusset-type insulation board is easy to clean andeasy to install.

  • Suitable for low temperature and long timedrying.remove moisture, drying rice .

  • Stainless Steel 304 chain plate link belt .



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