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Low Temperature Vacuum Fryer/ Good Performance Vacuum Fryer For Fruit And Vegetables

Vacuum frying machine is widely used in the production of fruit and vegetable chips and is the key equipment of the whole production. The vacuum degree can reach -0.098Mpa, which reduces the frying temperature and enhances the heat and water conductivity of the material. This helps to improve product quality and save energy consumption. The high vacuum prevents the oil from penetrating into the potato chips, thus producing high quality, good tasting and crispy potato chips.

Product Description

The vacuum fryer is a special type of fryer that combines vacuum technology and frying technology and is used to fry food in a low-pressure environment.Vacuum fryers fry items (such as food) by placing them in a vacuum environment.First, the food is put into the basket of the vacuum fryer, and then the air pressure in the oven cavity is reduced through a pump or other vacuum equipment to form a vacuum environment.Under low air pressure conditions, lower the frying basket into the oil tank to start the frying process.Vacuum frying machines are usually equipped with equipment such as oil temperature control and timers to ensure accurate control of frying time and temperature.

Vacuum frying machine can improve the frying effect. Frying in a vacuum environment can better utilize the heat conduction properties of oil, allowing the food to be heated more evenly, making it crispier on the surface and more tender on the inside. It also reduces oil oxidation. Due to the low pressure environment, the vacuum fryer can reduce the chance of oxygen contacting the oil, thereby reducing the oxidation and deterioration of the oil and extending the service life of the oil.

In a vacuum environment, the boiling point of oil will be lowered, which can lower the frying temperature. Therefore, frying can be carried out at a lower temperature, reducing the heat loss of the food and maintaining more of its nutrients. Vacuum frying can reduce the formation of fried products such as fatty acids and acrylamide in food. By reducing the oxidation of oil and lowering the frying temperature, the vacuum fryer reduces the possibility of producing harmful substances and smoke, improving the safety and environmental friendliness of the food processing process.

The products processed by the vacuum frying machine retain the natural flavor and nutrition of the product to the greatest extent, and have a more prominent taste and higher added value. The principle of this frying machine is that under negative pressure, the boiling point of water molecules in the food is lowered, thereby greatly shortening the dehydration time. At the same time, as a heating medium, edible oil can effectively avoid oxidation during the dehydration process and improve product quality.


Application Display

Vacuum frying machine is suitable for frying processing of various food products, especially for products with high requirements on frying quality and food texture. Here are some common products suitable for vacuum fryers:

French Fries and Potato Chips: The vacuum fryer can provide even frying effect for French fries and potato chips, making them crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, with a better taste.

Pastry: the vacuum fryer can be used to fry all kinds of pastry, such as fried dough sticks, shortbread, pastry buns, etc. Deep frying in a vacuum makes the puff pastry even more crispy.

Fried chicken and chicken nuggets: The vacuum fryer is suitable for frying chicken products, such as fried chicken, fried chicken nuggets, chicken wings, etc., making it golden and crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Hash Browns and Dumplings: The vacuum fryer provides even frying results for pasta dishes like hash browns and dumplings, leaving them crispy on the outside and cooked through on the inside.

Puffed food: The vacuum fryer is suitable for frying various puffed foods, such as puffed popcorn, puffed beans, puffed cereals, etc., so that they expand evenly and have a crispy taste.

Fish nuggets and shrimp chips: The vacuum fryer can be used to fry seafood such as fish nuggets, fish fillets and shrimp chips, making them crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

In addition to the above products, the vacuum fryer can also be used for other irregularly shaped and scattered foods, such as vegetables (onion rings, cauliflower, sweet potato chips), tofu products, meat pieces, etc.

It is necessary to reasonably set the vacuum environment, oil temperature and frying time according to the specific products and frying requirements to ensure the best frying effect and product quality.领动样品图

Product Advantages

  • Low oil temperature and low nutrient loss.

  • Fast spin and extremely short spin times.

  • Excellent puffing effect.

  • Edible oil deteriorates slowly.

  • Made of stainless steel SUS304, it meets the hygienic requirements of food processing.

  • The oil pump is used to drive the circulating heating and heat exchanger to improve the heat exchange efficiency.

  • The German shaft seal is adopted to ensure the vacuum degree.

  • Equipped with double filters to effectively control the purity of the oil.

  • The frying basket can automatically complete the de-oiling performance through frequency conversion speed regulation, ensuring high efficiency and low fuel consumption.

  • It adopts internationally renowned brand PLC control, touch screen, and low-voltage power supply to provide full system protection and automatic control for the vacuum fryer. Therefore, the fryer has a simple structure and is easy to operate.

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