Modified starch production line, ideal choice for small and medium-sized enterprises

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Modified starch is based on the inherent characteristics of natural starch. In order to improve the performance of starch and expand its application range, it uses physical, chemical or enzymatic treatment to introduce new functional groups on starch molecules or change the size of starch molecules and starch granules. Properties, thereby changing the natural characteristics of starch (such as: gelatinization temperature, thermal viscosity and stability, freeze-thaw stability, gel strength, film-forming properties, transparency, etc.), making it more suitable for certain application requirements. This kind of starch that has undergone secondary processing and changed its properties is collectively referred to as modified starch.

Modified starch is to meet the requirements of various industrial applications. For example, high temperature technology (canned food sterilization) requires high temperature viscosity stability of starch, frozen food requires good starch freeze-thaw stability, and jelly food requires good transparency and good film-forming properties. The second is to open up new uses of starch and expand the scope of application. Such as: the use of starch in textiles; hydroxyethyl starch and hydroxypropyl starch instead of plasma; highly cross-linked starch instead of talc for surgical gloves, etc.

The development of modified starch in China started late, beginning in the 1980s. It has been applied in many fields such as textile, papermaking, food, feed, foundry, medicine, construction, petroleum and so on. The application of modified starch in China is still an emerging business, and there is a big difference from foreign countries in terms of the type, quality, and application scope of modified starch. Among them, there are more than 200 kinds of modified starch produced from corn starch, while there are only more than ten kinds of modified starch produced from corn starch in mainland China.

Our pre-gelatinized starch/modified starch production line is specially designed to produce diversified modified starches, such as modified starch and pre-gelatinized starch. This production line is developed on the basis of our company's research and study of foreign advanced technology, and its technical performance and product quality have reached the world's most advanced level. This is an advanced puffing machine with flexible configuration, wide application of raw materials and convenient operation, suitable for all kinds of small factories.

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