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Hot Air Popper is a kind of automatic continuous popcorn making machine with high capacity, excellent quality, and advanced technology. hot air popcorn popper is a type of machine that uses hot air to pop corn kernels, resulting in popcorn that is light, fluffy, and has fewer unpopped kernels than popcorn made with other methods. With the high temperature, the corn is popped into mushroom popcorn, butterfly popcorn, etc. Then coated with caramel, butter, sugar syrup, chocolate syrup, etc, the popcorn will become a feast both for the eyes and for the tongue. Thus, caramel popcorn become quite popular in cinemas and parties.
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Technical Parameters of Mushroom Popcorn Process Line
Model Power Hot  Temperature Output Size Heating Source
LT-PM 80 Hot Air Popper 17.34KW 0-300℃ 80-100kg/h 16500*2500*3300mm Electric/Gas
LT-PM 200 Hot Air Popper 38.55KW 0-300℃ 200-240kg/h 19500*3000*3300mm Electric/Gas
What is this Butterfly Popcorn Process Line Used for?
The mushroom popcorn process line is typically used for the commercial production of mushroom popcorn, which is a specific type of popcorn characterized by its round, mushroom-like shape. The process of creating mushroom popcorn is a little different than traditional popcorn, it uses a different type of corn kernel that is denser, and has a harder outer shell, which results in the popcorn puffing out instead of expanding in all directions.
Professional Food Production Solutions 
Professional hot air poppers are automatic continuous popcorn making machines that are specifically designed for commercial use. They typically have a high capacity and can produce large quantities of popcorn quickly and efficiently. They also often feature advanced technology such as automatic controls, real-time monitoring, and the ability to adjust the temperature and time of the popping process to create different types of popcorn, such as mushroom or butterfly popcorn. Professional Butterfly Popcorn Process Line is a large-scale project that is typically used for commercial production of butterfly popcorn, which is a specific type of popcorn characterized by its unique shape. The line includes various pieces of equipment that are used to prepare, pop, and flavor the popcorn. These can include machines to clean the kernels, remove impurities, and sort them by size, as well as a hot air popper to pop the kernels and equipment to coat the popcorn with flavors. As a large-scale project, it's often customized to suit the needs of specific customers, in terms of production output and size, operators can also choose to equip the system with a control system to realize automatic operation and real-time monitoring, which saves labor costs and improve production efficiency.
Advantages-Butterfly Popcorn Process Line
Great Output: 100-200kg/hour.
 European Technology, China Manufacture, Best Choice for Industrial Popcorn Machine
 Full Automatic and Continuous Process, Clean and High Efficient.
Safe Operation and Stable Performance same as European Machines.
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