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Rotary Head Extruder/ Fully Stainless Steel Extrusion Moulding Machine

The rotary head extruder is mainly used for the production of fried food like Kurkure, Cheetos and Niknaks from corn grits or niblets. Our special extruding technology makes it possible to produce quality foods with various diameters and lengths.

Product Description

Rotating head extruder usually refers to a kind of extrusion processing equipment.It is different from traditional screw extruder.Its key feature is the use of rotating head or wheel to achieve extrusion and molding.Rotary head extruders use a rotating head or wheel instead of a traditional screw to push material from the feed area to the discharge port.Through the motion of the rotating head or wheel,the material is extruded and formed into the desired shape.This operating principle makes it advantageous in certain applications,especially for materials with high viscosity or high solid content.This type of extruder can usually achieve diversified molding, including the production of products in different shapes such as tubes,sheets,rods,and filaments.This makes it very useful when producing diverse products.Because rotating head extruders usually have precise control systems,the extrusion process can be more precisely controlled, including parameters such as extrusion speed, pressure, temperature, and shape.These machines are usually able to perform extrusion processing at higher speeds,improving production efficiency and reducing production costs.Because a rotary head extruder does not rely on a screw to push material,it may be more suitable for extrusion processing of materials with high viscosity or high solid content.Rotary head extruders are also widely used in the food industry to manufacture food products such as chocolate,candy,pastries,bread,etc.Rotary head extruders specific to the food industry are manufactured with hygienic materials and are easy to clean and maintain to ensure hygienic safety of the product.

Overall, a rotary head extruder is a flexible and efficient extrusion processing equipment suitable for many different types of materials and products. They have a wide range of applications in the plastics, food, pharmaceutical and other industries and can be used to produce finished products of various shapes and specifications.


Application Display

Rotary head extruders are widely used in the food industry and are suitable for manufacturing a variety of food products. Here are some examples of food types suitable for processing with a rotary head extruder:

Chocolate Products: Rotary head extruders can be used to make chocolate bars, chocolate-covered cookies, chocolate fillings and other chocolate products. They can be extruded to create chocolate products of different shapes and sizes.

Candy: The rotating head extruder can be used to produce various candies, including hard candies, soft candies, jelly candies, coffee candies, sandwich candies, etc. These machines enable shape and structural control of the candy through the extrusion process.

Pastry and biscuits: In pastry and biscuit manufacturing, rotating head extruders can be used to extrude biscuit dough, fill fillings, make cookies, shape decoration, etc.

Bread products: They can also be used to make bread products such as bread, rolls, bread sticks, etc. Squeezing out the dough can help achieve an even shape and texture.

Nutrition Bars and Energy Bars: These machines are also used to manufacture a variety of nutrition bars, energy bars, and protein bars. Extrusion helps achieve consistent size and shape.

Candy coating: Rotating head extruder can be used to coat food products such as chocolate coating, sugar coating to provide delicious appearance and taste.

Food Decoration and Decoration: In terms of food decoration, these machines can also be used to extrude edible decorations, frostings, chocolate decorations, etc. to beautify various pastries and desserts.

Overall, rotary head extruders have a wide range of applications in the food industry and are capable of processing a variety of different types of food raw materials to manufacture a diverse range of food products. By controlling the extrusion process, precise control of the shape, size and texture of the product can be achieved, making it very useful in food production. However, the specific application depends on the customer's needs and product type.


Product Advantages

  • Efficient production: Rotary head extruders are capable of processing large quantities of food products efficiently and quickly. The extrusion process is generally carried out continuously and can produce large quantities of finished products in a short time.

  • Adapt to a variety of ingredients: The rotating head extruder can adapt to a variety of ingredients, including different types of flour, sugar, fat, protein, etc. This flexibility makes it possible to create a variety of food products.

  • Controllable shape and size: By adjusting the mold and parameters of the extruder, the shape, size and weight of the food product can be precisely controlled so that it meets the established standards and specifications.

  • Maintain product consistency: Rotary head extruders ensure food product consistency so that each product has similar quality, appearance and taste, enhancing brand image.

  • High degree of automation: This kind of machine usually has a high degree of automation, which reduces manual intervention, reduces production costs, and improves production efficiency.

  • Reduced waste: Food products produced through extruders can minimize raw material waste because the composition and size of each product can be accurately controlled.

  • Hygiene and Cleanliness: The rotating head extruder is reasonably designed and easy to clean and maintain. This ensures the hygienic standards of food products and meets the hygienic requirements of the food processing industry.

  • Innovation and diversity: Through different molds and process parameters, the rotating head extruder can achieve innovative food product designs and promote the diversified development of the food industry.

  • Strong customizability: The design and parameters of the extruder can be customized according to the needs of specific food products to meet the production requirements of different manufacturers.

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