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Single-Drum Flavoring Machine/High Efficiency Seasoning Machine

Single drum flavoring machine is mainly used for producing flavor potato chips, Doritos chips, nut food and other frying snacks food. This flavoring machine can spray seasoning powder of different tastes on the food surface according to customers'needs. It consists of single drum flavoring drums, a hoist, and a flavoring powder mixer.

Product Description

The single drum seasoning machine is suitable for seasoning,adding flavors and hanging pulp of any food etc,specially used for food's later process,such as stirring seasoning powders,wrapping powder and coating,admixing; It's manufactured with feeding system and hoister to convey materials automatically.The flavor is fed by the screw,and a unique flavor spreading system ensures uniform flavor spread.Once piece rotary drum provides no dead angle.The seasoning machine is made using stainless steel,provided with high corrosion resistance.


Application Display

This drum type seasoning machine is widely used in frozen food factory,snack food factory,fruit and vegetable processing plant,seasoning processing equipment,etc,such as potato chips,puffed food,artificial rice,corn flakes,grain circle and so on.

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Product Advantages

  • Machine design compact and reasonable.

  • Easy operation and maintenance.

  • International brand electronics, big brand, reliable.

  • Feeding system adopt hoister to convey material.

  • Speed of screw are adjustable.

  • Oil amount is adjustable, spray evenly.

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