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Syrup Coating Machine/ CE Approved Commercial Used Automatic Powder Coating Machine

Our roller coating machine is mainly used for manufacturing flavor corn flakes and breakfast cereal snack food. This machine can spray sugar on the food surface. The rotary drum has a double-layer structure which is integrally molded without a dead angle.

Product Description

Syrup coating machine is used for seasoning food in the food production line.It can apply fine sugar or seasoning powder on the surface of corn flakes and breakfast cereals to avoid sticking hands.

The whole machine is made of stainless steel, and the machine is easy to operate. Turn on the power, put the food into the drum, put fine sugar or seasoning powder into the top hopper, press the button, the machine will automatically convey the seasoning, and the drum starts to work. Equipped with an oil sprayer, it can also be used to coat food with oil.

This equipment has an seasoning drum, which automatically controls the speed and material capacity, and is suitable for continuous seasoning operations in the assembly line.

Equipped with a powder feeding device, and can stir autonomously while sprinkling the powder, so that the seasoning will not be deposited, bonded, and emptied due to different specific gravity, return to halogen, and formation.

Equipped with mixing and dusting, uniform and accurate quantification. This product integrates electromagnetic, light control, electric control, and digital delay in one, with a high degree of automation.


Application Display

This machine is mainly used for making pellet, film coating on tablets. It can also be used for making ball shape products or granules, mixing, and polishing, etc.Such as:chocolate polishing, peanut coating, sugar coating,seasoning, producing tapioca pearls, porcelain ball making, etc. For all kinds of fried and non fried food seasoning, evenly hang all kinds of powder, syrup.

This model is new designed sugar coating roller, cover can be easily opened for clean. User can choose to install oil sprayer, for coating oil on the gummy surface.


Product Advantages

  • Sugar mixing tan and storage tank connected by peristaltic pump.

  • One-piece rotary drum provides no dead angle, so various snacks can be coated uniformly.

  • The sugar coater is equipped with imported oil spraying nozzle which can effectively fog the sugar to ensure uniform coating.

  • The coating equipment is anticorrosion, as a result of its complete stainless steel body.

  • The sugar storage tank is manufactured with heating and heat preservation functions, thus preventing sugar from solidification.

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