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Vibrate Fluid Bed Dryer/ Vibration Fluid Bed Dryer Machine For Food Processing

The vibrate fluid bed dryer is mainly used for pre-drying rice and drying bread crumbs so that the bread crumbs do not stick together. Vibration conveying, not easy to stick, material heated evenly, easy to dry. The heating method of the dryer is steam, gas, oil, and electricity, which can be selected.

Product Description

Vibrate fluid bed dryer is widely used in the drying, cooling, and humidification of powders in the chemical, light industry, food, plastic, grain and oil, slag, salt, sugar and other industries. The material enters the machine from the feed port. Under the action of the vibration force, the material is thrown forward continuously in the horizontal direction. After the hot air passes through the fluidized bed and exchanges heat with the wet material, the wet air passes through the cyclone separator and is discharged from the exhaust port.Dry materials are discharged from the discharge port.

Driven by a vibrating motor; stable operation, low noise, long life, and convenient maintenance.The bed temperature distribution is uniform; there is no local overheating phenomenon; the fluidization is uniform; there is no dead angle phenomenon; the thickness of the material layer and the moving speed and amplitude of the machine can be adjusted within the design range; the adjustability is good; the application area is wide. It has little damage to the surface of the material; it can be used for drying fragile materials; it can also be used when the material particles are irregular without affecting the effect. Adopt a fully enclosed structure; effectively prevent cross-contamination of materials with the outside world; The environment is clean; continuous operation is possible. When high-moisture materials are used for mass production; multiple units can be connected in series to meet the requirements.


Application Display

This machine is suitable for drying, cooling and humidifying powdery and granular materials in the food industry, such as bread crumbs, artificial rice and other foods. Drying, cooling, and humidification can also be performed at the same time.

Bread crumbs are widely used as a food coating additive on the surface of fried foods like fried chicken, burger patty, seafood (shrimp, fish), onion ring, etc. to obtain a crispy and savory texture and an attractive golden color presentation. Bread crumbs are also a good source of dietary fiber, protein, and other nutrients and are popular among consumers because they are versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications.

Artificial rice is a kind of rice made by a special process. It is a substitute for ordinary rice. It has a very high nutritional value and is added with nutrients such as vitamins and proteins. It can fully supplement the nutrients lacking in the human body's daily diet, adjust the nutritional balance of the human body, prevent diseases, and promote health.


Product Advantages

  • Wide applications: It is successfully used on all types of powders, agglomerates, granulates, especially those which fluidize poorly due to a broad particle size distribution. The fluid bed can be operated as a single drying or cooling unit - often associated with a spray drying system.

  • Energy-saving: Due to strong mechanical vibration, wet material can be perfectly fluidized and move forward with slow air flow velocity. Energy consumption is much lower than normal fluid bed dryer.

  • Adjustable residence time: Different residence time of wet material in drying chamber can be achieved by regulating the angle of vibration motors to meet different drying requirements in moisture.

  • Easy operation and maintenance: The whole drying system is highly automatic. The simple but practical design can not only reduce production cost but also the maintenance and repair cost.


Model: LTZDL-6x0.6

Heating Source: Gas/Electric heating  

Drying Temperature: 70-120℃(can reach to Max200℃)

Capacity: 300-400Kg/H.

Dimension: 7300*1200*3300mm

Materials: Stainless Steel

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