Where does the crispy corner come from

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Miao Crispy Corner, English name Bugles, belongs to three-dimensional puffed food. Three-dimensional puffed food is a brand-new puffed food that has been available in China since 2000. According to the different raw materials used, it can be divided into potato three-dimensional puffed food and cereal three-dimensional puffed food, especially cereal three-dimensional puffed food has low cost and more market advantages. The appearance of the three-dimensional puffed food is not out of the norm. It changes the flat and lack of change of the traditional puffed food, and adopts a new production process, so that the product has a variety of appearance changes, strong three-dimensional sense, fine texture and crisp taste.

The main raw materials required for the production of wonderful crispy angle are: corn starch, rice starch, potato starch.

The technological process of Miao Crispy Corner is ingredients-mixing-extrusion-forming-frying-seasoning-packaging

Automatic batching system: microcomputer control, accurate weighing. After the batching system, after the mixing is completed, if there are multiple hosts, an automatic powder feeding system can be selected.

Extrusion system: There are many types of hosts used and a high degree of automation. The device can realize one-key start of the host, real-time data storage, real-time monitoring, alarm reminder and other functions. Our twin screw extruders are designed by 3D software, simulated, and automatically tested by computer to ensure that the design accuracy requirements are met. Professional manufacturing and processing, which will ensure accuracy and coordination between each component of the extruder.

Frying system: It adopts a variety of energy heating methods, automatic control, and high-precision temperature control system to minimize the damage to oil. The double mesh belt design enables the material to be fully fried, and the automatic oil filter system ensures food safety.

Seasoning system: The automatic mixing system is adopted, including various automatic seasoning devices such as powder spraying, sugar spraying, and oil spraying.

Jinan Arrow Machinery Co., Ltd.'s wonderful crisp corner production line is a new technology that replaces traditional production with twin-screw extrusion technology. The production line integrates mixing, curing, puffing and forming, and does not require a boiler. The production process is simplified, efficient, environmentally friendly and low-carbon. The raw material can be either a single material such as rice flour, corn flour, and flour, or a mixture thereof. Shapes can be changed simply by changing molds and forming and cutting machines: strips, corrugated squares, diamonds, wavy sheets, pillows, and horns. The produced rice noodles, salad strips, salad slices, crispy sharp corners, crispy corners and other foods are of various colors, and the taste is crisp but not greasy.

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