Why choose extruded pet food---Pet Food Extrusion Line

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At present, most dog food sold on the market is produced by Pet Food Extrusion Line. The pet food extrusion machine can make the starch in the food reach a suitable high level of gelatinization to enhance the pet's digestibility of starch.

The fat content of dry puffed pet food varies from 6% to more than 25%. However, too high a content of fat should not be added in the Pet Food Extrusion Line, because the high temperature and high pressure in the pet food extrusion machine will affect the unsaturated fatty acids, as well as extrusion and food molding. Therefore, the method of spraying fat on the surface after puffing is generally used to increase the fat content of the product. Hot fat sprayed onto the surface of puffed food is easily absorbed. The fuel injection amount can be adjusted by adjusting the production speed and the fat addition speed, but this method of addition is prone to large errors. Recently, a control method that can adjust the fat addition amount has been developed. The pet food extrusion system includes a speed control system and a positive pressure injection For the oil pump system, the error is within 10%. When spraying, the fat is required to reach more than 5%, otherwise, it cannot be sprayed evenly. It is common for pet food to be sprayed with protein digestates and/or flavors to enhance pet acceptance of the food

Advantages of extruded puffed pet food------Pet Food Extrusion Line

In addition to the advantages of good palatability, puffed pet food also has a series of other advantages:

①The high temperature, high pressure, high humidity, and various mechanical effects in the food puffing process can significantly improve the gelatinization degree of starch in the feed, denature the protein in it, and at the same time destroy the lipase produced by various microorganisms to make the fat more stable. It is beneficial to improve the digestibility of animals and the utilization rate of food.

②The high temperature and high pressure of the raw material through the extrusion chamber can kill a variety of pathogenic microorganisms contained in the raw material, so that the food can meet the relevant hygiene requirements and prevent various digestive tract diseases caused by feeding food.

③Extrusion and puffing can produce granular products of various shapes, such as cat food can be produced into fish shapes, and dog food can be produced into small bone shapes, which can improve the desire of pets to eat.

④ The digestibility of food can be improved by puffing, and the palatability and aroma of food can be enhanced, which is especially important for puppies and cats whose digestive organs are not yet developed.

⑤ The water content of dry extruded pellet feed is only 10%-12%, which can be stored for a long time without causing mildew.

Crude fibers contained in the various raw materials used to make pet food are also affected by the extrusion process. Crude fiber may contain nutrients such as fat, protein, sugar, etc. Due to the comprehensive action of various factors during extrusion and puffing, some chemical bonds may be broken, the original compact structure will be destroyed, and some enclosed nutrients may be released. , improve feed digestibility.

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