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Double-Drum Flavoring Machine/ Reliable Quality Seasoning Tumbler Machine

The double-drum flavoring machine is used to flavor snacks and nuts etc. It consists of flavoring drum, a hoister, and a flavoring powder mixer etc.It is assembled professionally,ensuring high efficiency in production.It is also equipped with a distribution box of cooling,lubrication,and filtration system for optimal performance.Customers have the option to choose from various heating methods to suit their specific needs.

Product Description

The Double Drum Flavoring Machine is a specialized industrial equipment used for seasoning food products in an assembly line.It is equipped with an inclined seasoning drum that automatically controls the speed and material capacity,making it suitable for continuous seasoning operations.The machine is also equipped with a screw powder feeding device that can stir autonomously while sprinkling the powder,ensuring that the seasoning is evenly distributed and does not deposit,bond,or empty due to different specific gravity.The mixing barrel is made of 304 stainless steel,and its inner and outer walls are precisely polished for easy cleaning.


Application Display

The double drum flavoring machine is a specialized industrial equipment used for seasoning food products such as puff snacks,breakfast cereal, and other baked snacks,such as popcorn, potato chips,etc.It is mainly used for seasoning particles surface,putting the material inside the machine drum,then can pray oil.The flavoring powder mixer is used to mix the seasoning powder before it is applied to the food products.This machine can help to achieve efficient,precise and consistent seasoning results for your food products.

Overall,the flavoring machine is versatile and reliable equipment that can be used to season a wide variety of food products,providing consistent and precise results every time.Its compact design and easy operation make it an ideal choice for food production lines of any size.


Product Advantages

  • The flavoring machine has several advantages:

  • Compact and reasonable machine design: Flavoring machine is designed with a compact and reasonable layout, which makes it easy to operate and maintain.

  • Easy operation and maintenance: Flavoring machine is user-friendly and easy to operate, with simple controls and a clear display. It is also easy to maintain, with easy access to all parts of the machine for cleaning and maintenance.

  • Reliable international brand electronics: Flavoring machine is equipped with international brand electronics, which are known for their high quality and reliability. These electronics ensure that the machine runs smoothly and effectively.

  • Hoister feeding system: The feeding system of the machine uses a hoister to convey material, which ensures that the food products are fed evenly into the flavoring drums.

  • Adjustable screw speed: The speed of the screw can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of the food product being produced. This allows for precise control over the seasoning process.

  • Adjustable oil amount: The oil amount can be adjusted, ensuring that the oil is sprayed evenly on the food products. This helps to ensure that the food products are seasoned evenly and consistently.

Technical Parameters of Double Drum Flavoring Machine

Model Installed Power Output Size
150-200kg/h 5000x1500x2000mm
LTS-I 3KW 150-200kg/h 3000x1000x1800mm
LTS-BJ 0.55KW 10kg/once 1000x1200x1700mm

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