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Pet puffed food is one of the most common pet food on the market. It is extruded and dehydrated at high temperatures.

The production of pet puffed food requires a pet extrusion production line. The production line consists of multiple parts. Depending on the output, the configuration is also different. The pet puffed production line can achieve a production capacity of 10 tons per hour.

Batching system: automatic dust-free feeding, reducing the labor intensity of workers and avoiding problems such as dust overflow during feeding.

Extrusion system: Equipped with different cooling media, the temperature is controllable, and pet food with different hardness and different shapes can be produced by adjusting the formula and mold.

Drying system: The cross-circulation high-efficiency dryer adopts the circulation-type design to improve the drying efficiency of hot air to materials, reduce heat waste, and improve baking efficiency.

Spraying and cooling system: After adding spraying technology, the product is more nutritionally balanced, more attractive, and disease-resistant; countercurrent cooling can effectively avoid cracking on the particle surface caused by sudden cooling.

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Control system: PLC centralized control, stable performance. PID high-precision temperature control method, the temperature error can be controlled within ±2℃.

The pet extrusion production line can manufacture pet staple food, dog chews, and pet treats.

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