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Industrial Continuous Deep Fryer

The continuous frying machine is one equipment of the automatic fried peanut production line or automatic potato chips production line. It is used for producing food, such as fried peanuts, french fries, chips, potato chips and so on. The continuous fryer machine is hygienic and easy to clean.

Industrial Continuous Deep Fryer

The Fried Snacks Process System is a fully automated industrial system designed for producing a variety of fried foods. It features a feeding system, a continuous frying system, a de-oiling system, a flavoring system and a cooling system. This system is capable of producing a wide range of fried foods such as puffed snacks, extruded pellets, dough snacks, beans, nuts, fresh vegetables, onions, potato chips, banana chips, and plantain chips. The system can use either single or double belt fryers depending on the food product. Additionally, the system also includes auxiliary machinery and services such as oil tanks, pumps, oil filters, pipes and programs to help monitor the oil level, feed oil automatically and filter oil to save production costs. This system is designed to be precise, efficient and avoid any worker's mistakes.


What is this Continuous Deep Fryer Used for?

The continuous deep fryer is a specialized industrial equipment that is used to produce a wide variety of fried foods, such as fried peanuts, french fries, chips, and potato chips. It is typically used in automated production lines, such as the automatic fried peanut production line or the automatic potato chips production line. The fryer is designed to continuously feed raw food products into the frying area, where they are submerged in a heated oil bath to cook them to perfection. The machine is also equipped with advanced technology such as temperature control and oil filtration systems, which ensure that the food products are cooked at the optimal temperature and in clean oil, providing a high-quality and safe product. It also includes a de-oiling system that removes excess oil from the food products, leaving them with a crispy and delicious texture. It is a cost-effective and efficient equipment that can be used in various industries.


Advantages-Automatic Belt Frying Machine

  • Machine design compact and reasonable

  • Easy operation and maintenance

  • International brand electronics, big brand, reliable

  • Equipped with an efficient and energy-saving combustion system, the heat source is distributed reasonably, the material is heated evenly, the energy consumption is low, and the output is large.

  • The whole machine is made of food grade 304 stainless steel.

  • The frying temperature range is adjustable from 0-300℃, and the frying time can be set.

  • Belt type: mesh belt or chain belt, depending on the fried material and accept customization.

  • This machine is equipped with an automatic lifting device to facilitate the cleaning of the inside of the fryer.

  • The conveying speed is adjustable, equipped with oil storage tank and circulating oil pump.

  • Unique internal structure, using proprietary technology, has the characteristics of energy saving and fast heating.

  • Optional fire extinguishing device and refined filtering device.

Technical Parameters of Automatic deep continuous fryer food Chips Fryer

Model               Power                              consumption                     Capacity           Power                       Size               Products                                              


6-20.5m³/h (Natural Gas)





3000*1200*2100mm snacks, pellets, nuts,beans


10-28m3/h(Natural Gas)






snacks, potato chips, pellets, peanuts, nuts

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