What is Cold Pressed Pet Food ?

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The cold-pressed pet food production line adopts new production technology, which can add more fresh meat and more protein, and use the cold-press forming machine to make fresh meat and meat slurry, frozen meat, chicken, duck, fish, animal offal, meat powder , bone meal and micronutrients are used as raw materials, and are made into cold-pressed cat food and dog food through the processes of mixing, molding, curing and seasoning. Nutritious, versatile, beautiful, easy to digest, loved by pets.

Baked food can lock in the nutrition brought by fresh ingredients to the greatest extent and maintain a high nutritional content.

Low-roasted grains are lighter in color and look dry and less oily, but they don't smell as good as puffed grains.


Baking & cold pressing can be used as grain-free grains, using lentils, potatoes and tapioca flour as a source of carb water, can avoid allergies caused by grains, low allergenicity; High fresh meat, low-carbon water, most of the protein is animal protein;

Chicken fat and a small amount of chicken hydrolysis powder and brewer's yeast powder are safe raw materials that can improve palatability; Add a variety of probiotic fermentation products, friendly to the stomach and intestines; Chelated minerals are safe and easier to absorb;

Does not contain indiscriminate/controversial raw materials;

Baked food can be based on the design of the mold, to achieve different shapes, different patterns, and different product identification;

Cold pressing can make different products according to the choice of process, such as cold pressed grain, air-dried food, teething stick, meat stick, etc.;

Suitable raw materials for the product

Fresh meat: chicken puree, chicken bone puree, surimi, beef puree and other types of meat pulp meat puree to increase animal protein content;

Potatoes: purple potatoes, cassava, potatoes and other types of potato raw materials powder allergy risk is low, supplement carbohydrates;

Functional raw materials: vegetable powder, fruit powder and all kinds of powdered small materials to ensure balanced nutrition;

Food attraction: animal raw material hydrolysate, animal fat, egg yolk powder, whey protein powder and other raw materials can be mixed with the main raw materials to improve palatability;

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