what is Cheetos Extruder Machine?

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Kurkure/ Cheetos are a type of extruded snack that are known for their crunchy texture and delicious taste. They are created using a special extrusion process, in which corn grits are mixed with water in a flour mixer and then fed into a rotary head extruder. In the extruder, the corn grits are shaped into curls by the rubbing of two rotary plates and are then cut to the desired length by cutting knives.

Once the Kurkure/ Cheetos are shaped and cut, they can be fried in a fryer or baked in an oven, and then cooled before being flavored. The seasoning is sprayed onto the surface of the Kurkure/ Cheetos to give them a variety of delicious tastes. Due to their taste and nutritional value, Kurkure/ Cheetos are a popular snack choice among consumers.

The Kurkure/ Cheetos machine has a capacity of 125-140kg/h, 200-230kg/h, and 400-460kg/h. The machine is available in both a frying and a baking type to suit the customer's preference. The fried Kurkure/ Cheetos have a crispy texture, while the baked Kurkure/ Cheetos have a harder and crisper texture with a smaller oil content and considered relatively healthy.

The main motor of the Kurkure/ Cheetos machine is made by Siemens China and uses TIMKEEN international brand bearings to ensure a stable and efficient operation. In addition, the company has upgraded high-quality models for internationally renowned manufacturers, enlarged the hopper, and the conveyor has two-way discharge, and PLC Control System. This allows for a more efficient and precise production process.

The frying type Kurkure/ Cheetos sample picture and flow chart as follows;

The baking type Kurkure/ Cheetos sample picture and flow chart as follows;

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