Introduction of Pet Food Extruder Machine

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A pet food extruder is a machine used to make pet food. The pet food production line mainly uses meat meal, fish meal, bone meal, corn meal, soybean meal, and other miscellaneous grain powder as the main raw materials to produce dog, cat, fox, bird, and other pet food with novel shape, rich nutrition, and sweet taste.

Pet food extrusion line work by applying high levels of heat and pressure to a mixture of raw materials, which may include various grains, meats, and additives. Jinan arrow machinery all use the most advanced twin-screw extruder, the mixture is fed into the extruder, which is a long cylindrical device with a rotating screw inside. The screw pushes the mixture through the barrel, and as it moves forward, it is subjected to high levels of heat and pressure.

Twin-screw extruders have small openings in the flighted segments at the end of the screws, and as the mixture is forced through small openings at the end of the barrel, it is molded into the desired shape, such as kibble or a specific type of snack. The extruded product is then cooled and cut to the desired size and shape.


Pet food extruder machine come in a variety of sizes and designs to meet the needs of different production lines. Some extruders are designed for high-volume production, while others are suitable for smaller operations. Jinan Arrow Machinery provides full workshop customization services, and customized pet extrusion machine production lines according to user output, from 1 ton to 5 tons, and the amount of fresh meat added can reach 70%. We have dog chew production line, cold extrusion process line, cold-pressed pet food production line , pet food extrusion line, etc., and 30 years of experience in professional animal feed process line.

The efficiency of the extrusion process can be affected by several factors, including the type and amount of raw material used, the temperature and pressure settings of the extruder, and the screw speed. Modern extruders often have advanced features such as variable speed drives and temperature control systems that allow precise adjustment of these parameters. Jinan arrow machinery's pet food production line adopts a digital control system, the whole process is monitored, the operation is simple, and the quality is guaranteed.

In addition to the extrusion process, pet food production may involve other steps such as drying, coating, or packaging. The specific process used may vary depending on the type of pet food being produced and the desired characteristics of the final product.

The pet food extruder is an indispensable electronic device in the production of pet food, and its correct operation is crucial to the production of high-quality and safe pet products.

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